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Orion: Prelude trailer features dinosaur war

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Orion: Prelude takes inspiration from fast paced multiplayer shooters like Unreal Tournament 2004, and then adds some Tribes style jetpacks, and rounds everything off with what Spiral Studios are calling "DINOSAUR INTERACTION." The final game will feature 30 weapons, several game modes and maps set on three planets, some of which will be populated by dinosaurs, who will scout the area, smashing up scenery and occasionally eating players.

The video above is from the latest build shown off at GDC last week, the finished game will have tanks, walking mechs and Velociraptors. There's a beta planned for summer, you can sign up on the Orion: Prelude site.

Watch the Unreal Engine 3 GDC tech demo

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Gametrailers have the HD version of the extraordinary 'Samaritan' tech demo shown at GDC last week. It looks like a CGI cutscene, but it's runs in real time using the very latest Unreal Engine technology. In the GDC session, they showed the wireframes behind each character and played with the gravity to prove that it's legit. This could be what our games will look like in a few years time.

Dead Island screens show zombie paradise

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Remember that amazing Dead Island trailer? It was a great trailer, but gave us little clue as to what the game will be like. Luckily, six new GDC screens have arrived showing the huge holiday resort, a man with an electrified machete and lots and lots of undead. You'll find the new shots below. Click to see them full size.

Alice: Madness Returns GDC trailer gets stabby

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The new Alice: Madness Returns trailer shows exactly what happens when teapots go bad. They grow giant red eyeballs and have to be smacked around with a kitchen knife until they explode. Alice: Madness Returns is out on June 14.

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One developer's account of how he cheated his way on-stage at GDC

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Flash game developer Ryan Creighton wasn't on the panel for the Social Game Developer's Rant session at GDC last week. Nor did he have anything he particularly wanted to get off his chest. But the panel played a game with the audience: whoever could amass the most tokens, given to every audience member, would win the right to speak on stage.

And by the time Ryan won the game, he had something to rant about.

The Sunday Video Pwn

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We all knew that CoD:BLOPS was a pretty poor offering design-wise from Treyarch, but this video really shows the extent to which the game's multplayer is broken. Here, 500 kills are racked up in one game alone, thanks to the abuse of the spawn points, a helicopter gun-ship and a ballistic knife. The commentary gives a good overview of just what's going wrong here.

PC Gamer US Podcast #262: GDC

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There can be only one topic of discussion this week: GDC. Josh leads Chris, Dan, and intern Lucas on a fantastical podcastical journey as they discuss their favorite game announcements and experiences from this years' convention.

Have a question, comment, complaint or observation? Leave a voicemail: 1-877-404-1337 ext 724. Remember, the next 7 questions we play on the podcast will receive a code good for any game on for free.

PC Gamer US Podcast 262: GDC Roundup

Browder hints at Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm updates. Emphasises importance of e-sports

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Blizzard designer Dustin Browder has given clues into what we can expect from Heart of the Swarm - the first expansion to Blizzard's Starcraft II. He also stated that the expansion will have as much of an e-sport focus as Wings of Liberty, and made a plea for gamers to embrace the new breed of spectator sport.

Social game developers rage at GDC

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The annual GDC rant panel is frequently the place to go for killer quotes, and this year has been no exception. Last night's session saw the premier names in social game design unite and express anger at the perceptions of their craft, no-brain 'creatives' claiming they can do better, and disillusioned app programmers.

Host Eric Zimmerman started the rant session off by stating that social game developers are often seen as “bottom of the barrel” when compared with other jobs on AAA titles. “The social game developers arguably have drawn a tremendous amount of ire and controversy, some would say jealousy, form inside and outside the industry,” he said. Read on for more comments from social gaming's most prolific figureheads.

Epic: latest Intel integrated graphics "don't suck"

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Epic's Mark Rein has admitted that even though he has been "beating them up for 11 years," Intel's latest HD graphics "don't suck."

Read on for more from Epic's vice president at GDC.

"There's a very good chance" of Spelunky HD on PC, says creator Derek Yu

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Remember that gorgeous Xbox-only remake of the superb randomly generated platform game Spelunky we were drooling over? The one with new monsters, streamlined controls, and four player co-op in which you can throw your friends gracelessly around the levels to help them reach stuff?

The jealousy was too great, we had to know: could it ever come to PC? I asked creator Derek Yu.

"There's a very good chance we'll see the HD edition of Spelunky on PC at some point."

";)" Yu added.

Hot randomly-generated damn.

Mark Rein calls for curated app store in Windows 8

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Speaking to PC Gamer at GDC, Epic Game's Vice President, Mark Rein has given some insight into what he would like to see from the next version of Windows. His vision takes a few cues from Apple's current distribution model.

Remedy say Alan Wake PC cancellation wasn't their decision

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Finnish developers Remedy have been talking at GDC about the challenges of creating an entirely new engine for Alan Wake. Before Alan Wake, Remedy had specialised in PC-only releases with Death Rally, Max Payne and Max Payne 2. The Max Payne games were eventually ported to consoles by Rockstar. An exclusivity deal with Microsoft put an end to the PS3 version of the game. Later, the PC version was also cancelled.

The reasons for the PC cancellation weren't discussed in the presentation, but CVG caught up with Remedy boss Markus Maki after the event to ask him about the decision. He said "I can't really discuss that," adding "I will say that it wasn't a technological call. And it wasn't made in Finland" - where Remedy are based.

Peter Molyneux working on 256 player Populous in his spare time

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Peter Molyneux, the designer of the original god-game Populous, is working on something similar in his spare time. He's now creative director of Microsoft Game Studios, but on weekends he's making FeedMe, a version of Populous designed to be played by up to 256 people at a time.

He booted up his side project during the presentation, debugging a fatal error on the fly to give onlookers a rare glimpse of the game. Joystiq describe it as a high resolution version of Populous, but with a minimal UI. Molyneux, whose last games included the Fable series and Black & White, hasn't announced any intentions to release FeedMe yet. Given that he has Minecraft in his quicklaunch bar, we probably shouldn't expect it any time soon.

Bungie confirm their next game is an MMO

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Speaking at a panel at GDC today, Bungie's lead network engineer David Aldrige has announced that their next game will be an MMO. Aldrige also pointed out that, contrary to popular belief, the game won't be "WoW in space." Probably be more like Halo in Azeroth then. Lol.

At GDC last year Bungie’s creative director Joe Staten was asked what Bungie’s next game would be, saying: “Wouldn’t it be great if we could make a world that was always there for you? Wow. That would be great.”

The new series, which is yet to be named, will be published under Activision.

(via IGN)

GDC founder claims the player "has not changed in 30 years"

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Developer and founder of GDC Chris Crawford has been reminiscing on the old days of our beloved industry, looking back to the very first computers and how games have evolved over time. Has much changed? “What the player does has not changed in 30 years,” he said. Read on for more details.

Cliff Bleszinski at GDC: "If you are the face of the company you have to stay humble"

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Update: the original text of this story quoted Cliff as saying "game developers are assholes." This was incorrect. He was talking about internet trolls. They're assholes. We offer our apologies.

Speaking at GDC, Cliff Bleszinski has expressed the dramatic impact his personal life has had on his design decisions. He also offered some sage advice for upcoming developers.

"Assess yourself. Know your weakness. As a creative, I am not a spreadsheet designer. I am a holistic designer, and you must find complementary talent, the yin to your yang. And build mutal respect.

"Make your product personal. I’m not having a fucking debate, this is art. If you look at Gears, you can tell I was a child of the 80s, I was raised with Transformers, He-Man, I saw Predator when I was 13 and it melted my face off. I was actually going through a very tough time when I was working on the first game. I was actually going through a divorce. There’s a reason Marcus has daddy issues; I lost my dad when I was a kid."

Read on for more from Epic Game's charismatic design director.

17 percent of Battlefield Heroes players want to buy advantages

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At today's GDC talk, Senior Producer of Battlefield Heroes Ben Cousins revealed that 17% of the game's players want to buy items that would provide them an edge.

In attempts to make Battlefield Heroes more profitable, Cousins and his team conducted a survey of the players to find out just what kind of offers would convince them to pay for items. The response was a demand for items that gave players an advantage in-game. "What really surprised us was how far up this one was: ”If I could by items that give me an advantage" Stuff like health boost, speed boost, etc. This wasn't even on our list of things to do, but 17% of responders wanted it," explained Cousins.

Would you be willing to pay money for an in-game stat boost? Let us know in the comments.

Mojang's next game "won't have the viral success of Minecraft." Normal company would "probably do Minecraft 2" instead

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We've been catching up with Minecraft developer Notch and his fellow programmer Jakob Porser at GDC this week. The two have been elaborating on their current project Scrolls: a turn-based strategy based on collectable card games. The pair, whilst clearly excited about the game's prospects, are being pretty realistic when it comes to the title's success in comparison to the incredible success of Minecraft. Read on for the details.

Battlefield Play4Free will be the "biggest Western free-to-play title in the world"

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Senior Producer of Battlefield Heroes Ben Cousins has revealed in his conference at GDC the trials his team went through with Battlefield Heroes, and that the game's players are "crash test dummies" for Battlefield Play4Free, which he hopes will become the "biggest Western free-to-play title in the world." Read on for the details.