Gauntlet reboot delayed, but only slightly

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Remember Gauntlet? Not the arcade stand-up that made such a splash in the 1980s, but the reboot that was announced earlier this year. It was intended to be out on September 3, but that's not going to happen; fortunately, the delay is only a short one, and in the meantime there's a flashy new trailer to look at.

Gauntlet's pre-E3 "Relics" trailer shows off some flashy ways to kill

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The original Gauntlet made a big splash in arcades back in the mid-80s and so I don't remember all that terribly much about it, but as I recall your primary weapons against the overwhelming hordes of evil were food and quarters. The new Gauntlet takes a somewhat more modern approach, allowing players to gear up with "relics" that will enable all sorts of new and interesting ways to turn enemies into paste.

Gauntlet reboot announced, is being developed by Magicka's creators

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Outside of Kickstarter, the revival of old franchises is often a thing to dread. Usually, their announcement comes with terrible omens like "iOS" and "in-app purchases". Not so for Gauntlet, which, on the basis of the announcement trailer, will be a Steam exclusive. Perhaps more encouraging is who's responsible for it. Magicka creators Arrowhead are taking the reigns of this Warner Brothers-published dungeon crawling reboot.