Accessibility Jam interview: how a gamejam hopes to raise accessibility awareness

Phil Savage at

The three week Accessibility Jam started yesterday, an event designed to promote and demystify accessibility in gaming. Taking place online and incorporating #A11yJam—a three-day event in London—the organisers hope to use the rapid game creation formula to show developers that supporting impaired gamers isn't an expensive, time-consuming or design restricting practice. To find out more about the jam, and what it hopes to achieve, I talked to two of the event's organisers: accessibility specialist Ian Hamilton and game developer Jonard La Rosa.

While gamejams primarily appeal to indie teams and solo developers, it isn't just those groups that the Accessibility Jam hopes to target. "If anything its more of an issue for larger studios," says Hamilton. "Individuals and smaller indies are free to quickly make whatever changes they see fit, and for whatever reasons they see fit, whereas larger studios are often more structured, with big carefully managed prioritised backlogs of possible features."

Molyjam 2 theme announced, will use real Peter Molyneux quotes

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Sequels seem against the spirit of Molyjam - the gamejam weekend that challenged entrants to create games around Peter Molyneux parody twitter account, Peter Molydeux. Sure, we're a year on, meaning a year's worth of new tweets to draw from. But would Molyneux be content with retreading old ground? You know, except for Black & White 2. And all the Fables.

In the spirit of "defying conventions", the Molyjam organisers revealed today that the second competition will draw from actual out-of-context quotes from Molyneux himself. If anything, it's going to be more bizarre than the last one.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 is QWOP meets Operation

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Given the popularity for weird (and wonky) sims covering a plethora of professions, I'd be amazed if something like Surgeon Simulator 2013 didn't already exist in some dark corner of Eastern Europe. For the rest of us, this will do nicely. It's a hilarious entry for the Global Game Jam 2013 (theme: beating heart) in which you perform a heart transplant using a control and physics systems that are completely unsuitable for the delicate nature of the task. Basically, it's QWOP meets Operation. QWOPeration!

Tons of Indie Speed Run games available to play, for free, now

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Indie Speed Run is a rather nifty gamejam with a number of high-profile names attached. From November 26th to January 6th, developers were invited (well, after paying a $25 fee) to create a game from scratch in the indie-stry standard jam period of 48 hours. As of the 7th, the entry period is closed, which means the games are now online for us - and the judges - to play. Hooray! You'll find them on The Escapist (they organised the event), including creepy typing game Abby - Jurassic Dark and the extraordinarily named Buforella and Her Quinwa MaoMao, which I'm fairly certain isn't a euphemism for anything. Fairly.