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Gamestop PC Spring Sale offers deep discounts on big-name games

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Gamestop has been pretty quiet in the PC game marketplace for a few years, but suddenly they’re up and swinging: Gamestop’s PC Spring Sale has a ton of games on sale and new deals popping up daily. Some of the deals are pretty sweet.

The Humble Store hosts Thanksgiving Sale, goes toe-to-toe with Steam discounts

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We just finished pouring over the Steam Autumn Sale this morning, and already have more deals to share: the recently launched Humble Store has a sale of its own. You smell that? It’s the sweet, sweet smell of competitive pricing.

GOG launches new indie game portal, invites submissions

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With the launch of a new Indie Games Portal, GOG has emerged as a competitor for indie gamers money, going head-to-head with Steam’s Greenlight service. GOG’s new portal answers a lot of complaints about Greenlight, but what’s not clear is how they’ll live up to their numerous promises.

Weekend Game Deals - ARMAzing stories!

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