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PC Gamer Game Club: Week 2 – X-COM

Jaz McDougall at

For the second week of the PC Gamer Game Club, the collective of gamers have agreed to purchase, install, and play X-COM: UFO Defense and then have a chat about it. To find out what they thought, read on.

PC Gamer Game Club: Week 1 - Deus Ex

Jaz McDougall at

Want to play PC games with like minded friends? You've found the right place. A group of our readers have organised the PC Gamer game club on our forum. It works like a book club - the group decides to play a game, they all go off and play it for a week or two, and then they return to the thread to discuss it. We'll be featuring the best of these discussions here on the front page. Below the cut are some reader impressions of Deus Ex, which they played last week. This week, they're doing X-COM: UFO Defense - get involved via the PC Gamer forum.