Frontiers celebrates one-year Kickstarter anniversary with big progress update

Phil Savage at

Ambitious exploration-based RPG Frontiers is celebrating its anniversary. A year has passed since it raised $150,000 on Kickstarter, and successfully became a game that will one day exist. Since then, the project has entered full scale development, and now, today, is... still a game that will one day exist. To mark the passing of this auspicious milestone, creator Lars Simkins has released a big update video, explaining where he's at with the game.

Steam Greenlight approves 75 more games, including Catacomb Kids and Frontiers

Tom Sykes at

75 more games have been given the big green thumbs up that means they're allowed to be on Steam, as announced on, well, Steam a couple of days ago. It's a list that includes the recently announced (Frontiers) and the long-overdue (I Get This Call Every Day), while reminding me that Catacomb Kids is a thing that I need in my life. You can find the full list here.

Frontiers trailer heralds the exploration RPG's arrival on Greenlight

Phil Savage at

Frontiers is doing well for a game with a UI font that looks distinctly Papyrus-esque. Last year, its Kickstarter trekked past the original target, securing over $150,000 for the exploration-based RPG. Now comes the next stage in the development pilgrimage: passing through Greenlight. Hoping to capture the interest of wandering internet travellers, creator Lars Simkins has released a new trailer for the game.