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PES 2013 release date is September 21

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PES 2013 has elbowed its way into the September release schedule just four days before Fifa 13 is due to arrive. If you're certain that this year's PES can overtake the on-form opposition, you'll want to take a highlighter pen and attack the September 21 on your calendar. You could even grab a biro and draw a doodle of a man kicking a ball through Fifa's face, if you like. Go nuts. Fifa 13, meanwhile, is out in the US on September 25 and Europe on September 28.

PES 2013 demo next week

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A demo for this year's Pro Evo is hurtling our way like a ball kicked really hard by a man. It'll be here next Wednesday, giving us a chance to assume direct control of EU teams like England, Germany, Portugal and Italy, and South American teams from the Copa Libertadores like Santos FC, SC International, Fluminense and Flamengo. Allow stepover artist Ronaldo to deliver the same information through the language of dancing feet in the demo announcement trailer below.

PES 2013 trailer reveals existence of PES 2013, first screens and details arrive

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Fifa's main rival has fallen off the pace in recent years, but every annual iteration is a chance for the PES team to launch another co-ordinated attack on EA Sport's solid back four. The trailer above introduces PES 2013 with some shots of Christiano Ronaldo doing his best Terminator T-1000 run. That doesn't tell us much, beyond the fact that Ronaldo is a time travelling robot, which is already a matter of public record.

Fortunately an article has gone up on the PES 2012 site with more solid information. PES FullControl, Player ID, and ProActive AI are the three points of PES 2013's footballing triforce.

UEFA Euro 2012 trailer shows Expedition mode, beat teams to build roads and conquer Europe

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Fifa 12: UEFA Euro 2012 trailer hits the post! Hits the bar! GOAAAAAL!

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PES 2012 update to tweak team rosters and player stats

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An update is incoming for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, updating roster lists and player stats to keep them current with the current state of the world's leagues. Expect a sudden boost to Tevez' sulk meter, a severely increased percentage of open goal misses for Fernando Torres and a sudden hike in relative arrests for Wayne Rooney.

29 teams will have their kits tweaked, 13 new styles of boots will be added and a total of 160 clubs will be updated to better reflect their current form. The update will arrive on October 11, and will only affects US players at the moment because PES isn't out in Europe until next Friday. It's going to have to work hard to stand up to Fifa 12's 3.2 million week one sales.

Fifa 12 sells 3.2 million in one week

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Fifa 12 has only been out for week, and already 3.2 million own it, according to word from EA, who say it's "the biggest launch in the history of sports videogames." Here's another factoid: Fifa 12 has sold 23% more than Fifa 11 in its first week. And another: Fifa 12 is the biggest launch of the year so far. Blam!

It is rather good. We've been playing it all week and STILL haven't managed to score with the goalkeeper, and for some reason every game I play with Owen ends in a nil-nil draw. Why? Probably because we're defensive maestros, or incapable of putting together an attack without making our players fall over. This year's Fifa is a big step forward on PC especially. We finally get the fully featured console build, complete with upgraded animations and the Impact Engine. If you want to try it out, check out the Fifa 12 demo. Have you been playing Fifa 12? Tell us your thoughts!

PES 2012 demo released, with new teams, improved keepers and smarter defenders

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It's the battle of the football demos! EA released the Fifa 12 demo earlier today, now it's Pro Evo's turn to strike back with its second trial. You can download it now from the Konami site.

Spurs, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Rangers, Club America and Internacional are all playable in this version of the demo, which features a number of tweaks inspired by feedback from the first PES 2012 demo released several weeks ago. It's now harder to score, keepers have been improved and defenders are smarter, to the extent that defenders can become smart. The full release will put PES head to head with Fifa in North America on September 27, but Europeans will have to wait until October 14 to test those defenders properly.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 demo out now

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[bcvideo id="1116051116001"]
Konami have released the first of two planned demos for the latest edition of Pro Evo. CVG point towards the download link right here, with word that it contains a few training challenges and lets you play a ten minute game with Manchester United, AC Milan, Porto, Napoli, Santos and C.A. Panarol. This demo is based on preview code, a second demo is planned for release in mid-September ahead of its September 27 launch in the US. It's out on October 14 in Europe.

The trailer above shows off a few new features, like active AI that will make more aggressive runs into open space, and improved off-the-ball control that let you exploit flaws in opponents' formations during set pieces. The AI is so improved that referees will even play advantage. If you're not keen on how this trial plays, it might be worth another shot when the second one is released next month. It's a demo of two halves, after all.

E3 2011: Fifa 12 video shows new skills, release date leaked

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The release date for Fifa 12 has apparently been leaked by a poster sent to X360A, picked up by VG247. The poster gives a UK release date of September 30 this year. There's no international date just yet, but games typically launch on the Tuesday before European dates, which gives us a speculative date of September 27. I look forward to kicking EA's balls on that day.

Fifa 12 screenshots released, PC won't get "impact engine"

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The first official trailer for Fifa 12 shows off the "impact engine," a new physics system designed to render collisions and injuries with incredible accuracy, improving the realism of tackling, and making the game look more believable. Sadly it looks as though Fifa 12 will be lagging behind consoles yet again because, as Eurogamer report "the Impact Engine will only power the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game."

It took a long time for the PC version of previous Fifa games to finally get the upgraded engine first introduced on consoles. Though it wasn't on a par with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, Significant improvements were made in Fifa 11. It looks as though PC will get a second rate version of the footballing sim again this year. EA have also released some new Fifa 12 screens. You'll find them embedded belatedly below.

Fifa 12 first details reveal stronger players and revamped defense

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Details of the next Fifa game have appeared in the latest issue of OXM, outlining revamped controls for defenders and describing the new "impact engine," which will take into account the size and strength of players in tussles, and calculate injuries more accurately.