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Football Manager documentary heading to UK cinemas next month

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In an ideal world there would be informative, full-length documentaries on every interesting facet of games—my personal hope is for a Looking Glass documentary exploring, among other things, the fantastic Thief series—but Football Manager is a solid alternative, what with it being probably the most quietly successful management sim around. FilmNova have made such a film, entitled An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary, and it's coming to select UK cinemas next month.

Football Manager 2014 video shows match engine footage

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If football is a game of two halves, football managing is a chaotic, multi-segmented mess. There's the dealing with spoilt millionaires half, the pretending to care about the board of directors half, the not admitting that thing you did to the press half. Somewhere, among all these many jobs, there's the actual bit of the game where football is played. And that is the subject of this first video of Football Manager 2014 in action.

Games vs. Fools: your April Fools' Day round-up

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It's the perfect storm: April Fools' Day and a Bank Holiday Monday. It's all but guaranteed that the only news to come out of developers or publishers today will be wrapped in japes and hijinks. Ah well, if you can't beat 'em, report 'em. That's what my nan used to say. She was a notorious snitch.

Read on for an ambitious Minecraft update, a surprising Starcraft balance patch, and the return of the most terrifying game of recent years. Everything you're about to read is a lie. Unless it isn't, and we're being meta-April fooled into thinking it is. Oh god, when will it end?

TF2's Pyro, Spy and Heavy join Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

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We don't get too many kart racers on PC, and for that I'm entirely thankful. However, the word on the streets of Green Hill Zone is that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is a good 'un - and it's power-sliding its way to PC on January 31st. Not only that, but this new version of the game features three additional characters, based on iconic PC series Total War, Team Fortress 2 and, um, Football Manager.

Football Manager 2013 top bargains

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Football Manager 2013 has been released today, and as usual the fans are rushing to find the best bargain players to fill out the ranks of their favourite team. Luckily for you I've had my hands on the review code for a few days now, and I've been able to track down some of the top cheap players for you to keep an eye on.

Football Manager 2013 review

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One of my favourite football stories is from a recent interview with charismatic Real Madrid boss José Mourinho. He relayed an anecdote about his time at Internazionale with football’s current enfant terrible, Mario Balotelli. The mercurial Italian was the one striker fit for an important Champions League tie, with all others injured. Booked three minutes before half-time, Balotelli spent the 15-minute break being begged by his manager not to get into trouble. Mourinho recalls what he said at the time: “Mario, I cannot [substitute] you. I don’t have a striker on the bench. If we lose the ball, [I want] no reaction. If somebody provokes you, no reaction. If the referee makes a mistake, no reaction. Mario, please.” Mourinho grins. “Minute 46: red card.”

Football Manager 2013 announced - video reveals new features

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It’s that time of year when the leaves turn brown, the air gets chilly, and the ass-shaped groove in
your favourite chair gets a little deeper. Yes, it’s almost Football Manager time – and, much like a
new boss cheerfully clutching a wad of petrodollars from an obscenely wealthy overseas backer, this
year’s edition arrives promising wholesale changes.

Football Manager developer speaks out on Eidos split

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It's one of the great breakups in gaming. Up there with John Romero leaving id software, or West and Zampella walking out on Activision. The story of how the developers behind Championship Manager, one of the most profitable and successful game series of all time, left their publisher Eidos, and abandoned the franchise they'd spent years building to start again with Sega and Football Manager.

Until now, everyone involved was legally unable to talk about what happened, but yesterday Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson and Eidos' Ian Livingstone finally spoke about what happened nine years ago.

Football Manager 2012's best cheap players

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This article originally appeared in PCG UK 247.

Whether you’re desperately plugging a weakness in the team or trying to spot the next Cesc Fabregas while he’s young, finding a good bargain is one of the great joys of Football Manager. That’s why we’ve put together a PC Gamer Dream Team of the best young players in the game. We reckon they could take on any team in the Premiership, and they only cost us just over £15 million, half a Drogba. Bargain.

Five essential Football Manager 2012 Mods

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Ahhh - Football Manager. Every so often I kick the habit, but then I play football or watch a game and I suddenly relapse. Recently embarrassing shambling real-life matches with Rich, Graham and Tom S. have knocked me well off the wagon. But if I'm going down, I'm taking you all with me.

Here's a list of the five essential updates, graphical tweaks and utilities to tempt you back in.

Football Manager 2012 review

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This must be what a tempestuous marriage feels like. Kurt and Courtney. Burton and Taylor. Clough and Taylor. (Not the same Taylor, obviously, although that would be some sequel to The Damned United). I love it, then I hate it; I hate it, then I love it. For every thing in Football Manager 2012 that delights me, you can bet there’s another thing that has me spitting feathers, vowing never to play it again. Twas ever thus.

Why I play Football Manager: the story of Shane "the wonder kid" Paul

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Football Manager 2012 has been released, and like every year, the same questions are being asked: Why does a game that looks like Microsoft Excel sell so well? Why would you want to manage footballers when they could be playing them? Why do so many people play it for hours on end?

Well I've played a lot of Football Manager over the years, so I'm going to try and explain why. It's because despite all the stats and number crunching, Football Manager is a game about stories. It's about the little narratives that emerge from every game. Like this one. The story of Shane Paul.

Football Manager 2012 Steam DRM enrages fans

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Football Manager fans have voiced their anger at the integration of Steamworks into Football Manager 2012. The move to Steam means copies of the game will need to be activated online before being able to play. Eurogamer indicates 40 pages of comments reacting to the news on the Sports Interactive forums, with thousands of posts from fans angry with the changes.

Some fans are threatening to boycott the series until the online activation requirement is removed. Sega tell Eurogamer that Football Manager has moved to Steam to combat piracy.

"Make no mistake, if a quarter of the people that usually pirate the game switch to purchasing Football Manager 2012, the sales of the game worldwide would more than double," they say.

The 10 best skins for Football Manager 2011

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Football Manager is, despite everything, a game about menus. You can and will spend most of your playing time staring at rows of numbers, so why not pretty them up a bit? We've collected five of the best Football Manager skins to make your stat crunching a little bit shinier. Find them, along with installation instructions, beneath the cut.

Best Football Manager 2011 signings

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Since our last article on Football Manager 2011 Sports Interactive have put up one of their habitual data updates, making some players hard to obtain and bringing new ones into contention, so let's take a tour of the best bargain buys for your team in Football Manger 2011.