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X-Plane devs sued by Uniloc for patent infringement

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Uniloc are at it again. They went after Mojang a couple of months back for the infringement of patent 6,857,067 which covers mobile applications that "require communication with a server to perform a license check to prevent the unauthorized use of said application." They've launched a new lawsuit against X-plane developer, Laminar Research, for violation of the same patent.

"I am told that it will cost me about $1,500,000 (one and a half MILLION dollars) to defend this suit," writes X-Plane creator Austin Meyer on the X-Plane site site. "This is more money than I have made selling Android Apps in the first place. Under theses conditions, does it make sense for me to be in business?"

Microsoft Flight beta takes off in January

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The Microsoft Flight beta has started accepting signups. The testing period begins in January. To apply for early access, locate your Windows Live ID and password and click here.

Microsoft Flight was first announced at Gamescom 2010. It looks a lot like classic plane sim, Microsoft Flight Simulator. Click through for the trailer, even though it give absolutely nothing away. Apart from the fact that planes and oceans are going to be involved. Oh, and dreams; childhood dreams will also feature.

Take on Helicopters launch trailer takes off

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Helicopters are brilliant. Unlike boring old planes, they're not confined to just going forwards and tilting a bit. That makes them perfect for plopping SWAT teams on rooftops, sneaking through thick jungles, rescuing people from listing boats and all that other exciting stuff that planes miss out on because they're going too damn fast.

Complete all the tasks mentioned above and more in Bohemia Interactive's Take On Helicopters, out today. The launch trailer not only shows off the wide variety of missions, but also the enormous cityscapes Bohemia's excellent Arma tech generates so well. Find out more in our Take On Helicopters interview with Bohemia Interactive creative lead, Jay Crowe. You'll find a list of physical and digital retailers at which to purchase Take On Helicopters on the Take On Helicopters site.

Take on Helicopters screenshots take on the military

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The latest update to the Take on Helicopters site brings us seven new screenshots, which have been organised into a series of slides narrated by US Army soldier Joe Larkin, who talks about his time on duty in South Asia in the video above. Take on Helicopters is primarily about setting up a civilian chopper business, but its developers, creators of Arma, couldn't resist putting some military missions in there as well.

The question is, will we be able to take these military choppers into the world of civilian commerce and dominate the market using nothing but rockets? Modders, you know what must be done. See the seven new screens below. Take on Helicopters is out later this year.

World of Planes, a massively multiplayer WWII flight sim

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Update #2: Stunning reversal! As of June 9, World of Planes is no longer a joke - it's real!

Update: Well, now we're a bit embarrassed. It seems that our April Fool's Day filter still needs a few improvements: Gaijin recently revealed that this game announcement was meant as a joke. That doesn't stop us from hoping that somebody somewhere is actually developing a massive flight sim game, however.

Wings of Prey creators, Gaijin Entertainment have announced that they're working on a new online flight sim set in World War 2. It's called World of Planes, and will let hundred of planes fly together in one game. World of Planes will stretch across Eastern, Western, Pacific, and Mediterranean theatres of war, and allow players to upgrade their planes as they level up, and take part in three month long wars to defeat enemy countries, gain ranks and earn new flying machines.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover system specs released

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The next game in 1C's series of World War 2 flight sims will be out in a couple of months, and will take the fight to the Battle of Britain. But will it need a beast of a machine to run? Read on for the full system specs.

Wings of Prey - PC Gamer UK's Simulation Of The Year

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With its breathtaking terrain and heart-stopping battles, this air combat sim is flying high. We waggle our wingtips at Wings Of Prey.

A much-loved PC combat flight sim is ported to consoles and gets utterly trashed in the process. PC favourite IL2 was converted to console-focused Wings of Prey. The script was written the second the game was announced, but rather splendidly, Gaijin (the port-ers) failed to read it. Rather than hammering flat all of IL-2’s subtleties, the Russian team preserved them, producing a game that’s stronger than its prototype in several areas. Even better, they flew their new title back to PC simmers.