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Arma 3 video teaches you how to helicopter better

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A new Arma 3 community guide has landed in a hot LZ: this time, the subject is air assaults. Shack Tactical founder Dslyexci returns to narrate the first episode of season 3 of Arma’s community guides. The video gives an overview of the coordination and planning required to bring infantry into a mission zone in the best military sim around.

Microsoft Flight development stops

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All work has ceased on free to play flight sim, Microsoft Flight. A report on Kotaku mentions lay-offs at Microsoft's Vancouver studio, and Microsoft has since confirmed that there will be no more updates for the game as a result, though the client will still be downloadable for those who want to try it.

"Microsoft Studios is always evaluating its portfolio of products to determine what is best for gamers, families and the company, and this decision was the result of the natural ebb and flow of our portfolio management," they said in a statement.

World of Warplanes trailer features dogfights, no actual dogs

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I'd like to ask the person who coined the term "dogfighting" a few questions. What are dogs like where you're from? Do they barrel roll? Do they loop the loop? Do they blast around spitting fire and making "nyeeeeoowwwm" noises?

Obviously not. They're small furry mammals barely capable of falling over with grace. The odds of one taking off and engaging in a rousing bout of airborne combat are tragically low, which means we'll have to turn elsewhere for our fix. Luckily, this World of Warplanes trailer delivers, with footage of a biplanes and jets duking it out over the pacific. Like World of Tanks, it'll be free to play and is currently in closed beta. You can apply for a slot on the World of Warplanes site.

World of Warplanes playable at E3, matches will be livestreamed

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Wargaming.net's airborne follow up to World of Tanks will be playable on the show floor at E3 next week. Attendees will be able to take seat at one of 28 booths and take part in World of Warplanes multiplayer matches for a chance to rack up points and take home prizes at the end of the event. There will also be a series of exhibition matches throughout E3 which will be livestreamed from the Twitch TV World of Tanks stream.

World of Warplanes closed beta taking flight on May 31

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World of Warplanes is moving from "global alpha" to "closed beta" on May 31. According to a post on the official site, that means loads more people will be able to divebomb in and help wargaming.net test their free to play dogfighting sim. They say that 600,000 have applied so far, but you can still sign up for a chance to grab a space in the cockpit on the signing up on the World of Warplanes site. You'll get to fly a number of different airborne classes, including fighter/bombers and ground attack planes like the ones shown in the trailer above. If it's anywhere near as good as World of Tanks, this could be awesome.

World of Warplanes trailer shows heavy fighters flying in spite of weight, also bombers

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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed trailer drives, floats and flies onto the internet

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Microsoft Flight review

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I’ve never been birthed by Enya. I’ve never even gestated inside her womb. But I imagine the experience of floating around inside her amniotic fluid as a foetus is similar to visiting Microsoft Flight’s main menu.

The flight sim wastes no time in serenading you in an echoing, listless wail of lyric-free yawning and aspirational, muffled lady-howls, albeit set against a rolling, majestic cloudscape rather than the Gaelic songstress’s pelvic floor. It’s quite relaxing really, a bit like being dead.

AeroflyFS review

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Anyone who thinks I’m going to use this review as an excuse to make a string of lame puns about aeroflyFS’s Swiss setting is cuckoo. Clock those screenshots! Excruciating wordplay would be a disgraceful distraction from the real story: that a team of little-known German developers have fashioned the world’s most beautiful flight simulator.

X-Plane review

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The eight DVDs’ worth of scenery files have been installed, the joystick has been configured, and the cat has been fed. The moment has come.

Excitedly, I type the name of my local aerodrome into X-Plane 10’s search box and press ‘GO TO THIS AIRPORT’. A minute or two passes, then one of the dullest splash screens I’ve ever seen dissolves to reveal...


World of Warplanes trailer and screenshots soar in

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If Wargaming.net can make World of Warplanes as addictive and accessible as World of Tanks, we may slightly doomed. The new trailer above gives us an idea of the number of customisation options that each plane will have, even if there's no actual in-game footage just yet.

A batch of new screenshots have been released, though, showing a selection of planes in action. They'll come in three classes, single engine light jets, heavy fighters and strafing aircraft designed to dominate ground forces. Check them out below. You can find out more on the World of Warplanes site.

Take On Helicopters review

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Being one of PC Gamer’s wargame and simulation chaps, I get to use words like ‘realism’, ‘Spitfire’ and ‘Panzer’ an awful lot. Sometimes I glance up at my bowing Noun Shelf and see the thick layer of dust clinging to terms like ‘plot’, ‘character’ and ‘romance’ and feel a bit (hang on, it’s up here somewhere) melancholy.

Take On Helicopters has blown away thatmelancholy. Combining flight sim, adventure and a little dash of business, it’s the most refreshing flying game I’ve played in years. I may, courtesy of an FSX or Search & Rescue 4 sortie, have delivered SWAT teams, skycraned cargo, and medevaced accident casualties before, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never combined aviation with flirtation or interrogation, or spent inter-mission intermissions in a 3D hangar overseeing helo upgrades, repaints and repairs.

Outerra engine renders entire planets

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Those good people at Reddit have pointed us in the direction of Outerra, an indie project to create a new game engine. It pitches itself as a “3D planetary engine for seamless planet rendering from space down to the surface.”

The latest video on the site (above) shows the engine’s impressive water rendering effects, with waves lapping on the shore and and an Orange Tango-shaded sunset. The engine incorporates vehicles and aircraft, too.

World of Warplanes trailer goes dakkadakkadakka neeeaaaooom

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Watching this World of Warplanes trailer makes me feel like a kid again, when all I wanted to do was fly a Spitfire (and be an astronaut, and meet dinosaurs). I actually found myself making machine gun noises as I watched it, now everyone in the office is looking at me funny. Here's hoping World of Warplanes finally fulfils my fantasies of flight goggles, magnificent moustaches and showing Jerry what for.

If you want to know more about World of Warplanes, check out our interview with Victor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming.net.

E3 2011: Take On Helicopters screenshots and trailer take you on helicopters

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Take On Helicopters (take on helicopters) is Bohemia Interactive's next project that doesn't involve men with guns. Instead, it involves helicopters (taaaake, helicopters, ooon), most of whom seem much friendlier than their ArmA counterparts. Rather than firing rockets into human faces, these choppers seem to enjoy distracting firemen and sitting in rainy fields, as you'll see below: Bohemia have used E3 to release a trailer and a set of screenshots for Take On Helicopters (helicopters, beee, gooone), all of which you'll find in this post.

Incomprehensible squeaking.

IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover review

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When Joseph ‘Mutt’ Summers landed after test-flying the prototype Spitfire for the first time, he was so impressed he told Supermarine’s engineers “Don’t touch anything.” After test-flying this long-awaited follow-up to flight sim legend IL-2, my message to 1C’s engineers would be a little lengthier:

“Don’t touch anything except the painfully primitive campaign, the embarrassingly inept training mode, the clumsy GUI design, the dodgy comms, the bugged AI, the inadequate documentation, and the ill-optimised graphics engine.”

Exclusive interview - Bohemia Interactive talks Take On Helicopters

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We've got the first interview on Bohemia Interactive's next project, Take On Helicopters. Spin up your mouse wheel; come read heaps of info that wasn't revealed in the initial press release.

ArmA 2 creators reveal trailer, info for secret project: Take On Helicopters

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PC Gamer’s favorite military sim maker is making a helicopter game. It’s being made in the ArmA 2 engine. It’ll have co-op and a mission editor. Within: more screenshots, a trailer, and why we think Take On could woo non-simulation players the same way that ArmA 2 continues to. Chop, chop.

Buy Dogfighter for just over a pound

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Dogfighter is a crazy multiplayer aerial combat game that has you battling for control of the skies in your trusty biplane. It's a cracker jack combination of Quake like blasting, breakneck turns and dizzying loop the loops, and this evening it will be on sale on Steam for just £1.05.

Flight sim machinima: Bill and John Adventures

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This is an oldie, but how many other funny, stunningly directed pieces of flight simulator machinima about wacky French fighter pilots are you likely to watch today? For its first, short episode, The Adventures of Bill and John - or Une Aventure De Bill et John - was made using the ultro-realistic Lock On Modern Air Combat. The second episode is made in the same game, but with bespoke 3D animations to add more detail. They are both excellent, and years after first seeing them, I still occasionally re-watch them. Find them both embedded below.