first person survival

The Long Dark trailer gives an early glimpse of winter survival

Phil Savage at

It was last month that The Long Dark went out in to the wilderness of Kickstarter. Since then, it's been successfully scavenging for internet money, but will need to redouble its efforts if it's to live beyond next week. First though, a respite, as it comes back into the warmth to construct its first trailer, giving a very early look at the exploration survival game.

Miasmata, the scientific first-person survival game, gets a new trailer

Tom Sykes at

IonFx have released another trailer for their infectiously ambitious Miasmata, a first-person survival title that packs in almost everything I look for in a game. There's an "open world" island, exploration and survival elements, a plague, SCIENCE, weird Easter Island-type statues, real-time map/journal looking, and whatever the hell that thing is up there. It's what Far Cry 2 might look like after running Dear Esther and Amnesia over in a jeep, and it's spreading to the outside world on November 28th.

Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC is out now

Tom Senior at

The promised Bloodbath DLC for Dead Island has arrived on Steam. The pack includes four survival maps, described as being both "deadly and hazardous." In each map you must fend off infinite waves of zombies for loot and XP. These survival mode spoils can then be carried back into campaign mode and unleashed on the unsuspecting zombie citizens of Banoi.

There are leaderboards, too, and a new weapon called "the brain wave bomb," which sounds like it should cause an explosion of ideas and creative solutions to the zombie outbreak, but is more likely to involve the cooking of zombie brains. It costs £7.99 / $9.99, but if you pre-ordered Dead Island, you'll get it free, which is nice.