first-person exploration

Surreal psychodrama Ether One lands next week

Ian Birnbaum at

Ether One has been teasing us for quite some time, but next week the Oculus Rift–capable exploration game is finally free to mess with our minds. To celebrate, we’ve got a spanking-new release trailer to check out the weird world of the memory repair technician, also known as a Restorer.

Gone Home to support fan translations

Katie Williams at

Gone Home will arrive, weary and traveled, on our doorsteps on August 15 We've played some of this first-person, non-combat exploration game from a team of former BioShock 2 developers, and trust us when we say you should get excited about nosing about in some family's drawers.

Oh, and you'll be able to play it in Klingon! Well, probably. Developer Fullbright Company has announced that Gone Home will support fan-made translations, so it's really only a matter of time.

Europa is a space exploration FPS that's kinda "Fallout 3 in space"

Tom Sykes at

Moons are a perfect place to set, well, anything, as Space: 1999 and the film Moon illustrate perfectly. They're lonely and dark, and with enough of a foothold in alien territory that you can believe there's something horrible lurking beneath the surface. Quick Fingers' Europa is a game with some promise then, as it's a first-person exploration/adventure title set on the eponymous Jupiter moon. Its creator has described it on Reddit as "Fallout 3 in space (but don't really think that or you might get disappointed when it's not 100 hours long)".