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Zeno Clash 2 review

Richard Cobbett at

Much like its predecessor, Zeno Clash 2 is a game about proving that melee combat can be more than just something to fall back on when you’re out of ammo. You don’t just punch and kick, but dodge an incoming blow and ram a fist into your enemy’s unsuspecting head. You charge with an elbow slam. You grab a foe to pummel and throw into the clutches of pain. All in a world whose idea of concept art must have been a Post-It note saying ‘Buy more drugs’.

Zeno Clash 2 comes out swinging on April 30

Phil Savage at

Has it always been you lifelong dream to punch a giant crab in its stupid, oblivious face? In real-life that's not going to happen. We're just not experimenting enough in the field of rapid crustacean growth. Also you'd look a bit mean. People would stare. Luckily in Zeno Clash 2 those dreams look set to be fulfilled - and soon - as it's being released through Steam on April 30th.