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Dead Island creators trademark Dead World

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A report on Siloconera is saying that Techland have coined the "Dead World" trademark, strongly suggesting that a bigger, bloodier sequel to Dead Island is in the works. In spite of the fact that Techland put out the wrong version of the game on release day, Dead Island ended up doing quite well. It filled the deserted open world zombie survival niche quite nicely with some horrendous gore and a big, beautiful island. You can find out what we thought in our Dead Island review.

Dishonored interactive map reveals weird whales and mysterious continent

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Here's what we know so far about Arkane's intriguing new game, Dishonored. It's a first person action game from the creators of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, co-created by Deus Ex lead designer Harvey Smith with art from Half Life 2's Viktor Antonov. You play as Corvo, a bodyguard framed for a crime he didn't commit on a mission to assassinate his way out of trouble using guns, gadgets and possessed rats.

Also, according to a new interactive map on GameInformer, there will be whales. Lots of whales. The whales have tentacles, and their explosive blubber is used to power the world's industries. If I ever write a stranger sentence than that, I'll eat my shirt.

Dishonored: a new first-person action game from the lead designer of Deus Ex

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Bethesda announce that they have a brand new game in the works. It's called Dishonored. Almost nothing's been revealed about it so far but we're already excited.

Here's why. The co-creatiive director of Dishonored is Harvey Smith, lead designer of a little game called Deus Ex. The lead artist on Dishonored is Viktor Antonov, famous for his work on Half Life 2. Dishonored is being developed by first person orc-impaler Dark Messiah: Heroes of Might and Magic, and will also be a first person action game.

Mentally combine what those facts might mean, and you have a recipe for something very interesting indeed. A new Dishonored website has launched, though there's hardly anything there. Yet.

Dishonored is set to be released next year.

E3 2011: Dead Island trailer has decapitation and drunkenness

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The Dead Island E3 trailer over at Machinima makes the uneasy transition between zombie slaying and clubbing. One moment we're chopping off heads, the next we're chugging whisky.Emerging into the light the next morning to find most of the part-goers trying to eat each other probably counts as the worst hangover imaginable. For more Dead Island footage, check out the eleven minute developer walkthrough Techland recently released.