Firefall Fest

Stage 5 TV: how Firefall developer Red 5 wants to forge the future of gaming television

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Red 5 Studios are based about forty-five minutes south of Los Angeles. They make games, but some of that city's preoccupation with movies has bled out: a few blocks from the building the company are making jetpack-toting MMO shooter Firefall in, they have their own TV studio.

The studio – christened Stage 5 – was the location for Firefall Fest: a week-long special event, streamed live with a revolving cast of Firefall fans, professional gamers, and celebri-nerds. Wil 'Wesley' Wheaton dropped in alongside Felicia Day, captured on TV-quality cameras as they played Red 5's game. Later in the week, I sat with Sean 'Day[9]' Plott in the studio's green room as he waited to be taken through to makeup by a dedicated makeup artist. Later on set, flanked by exposed brickwork and sofas seemingly stripped from the front of cadillacs, the same makeup artist sprinted toward Sean's face, rustled around in her pouch for some powder, and jabbed it toward his cheeks. A producer at the back barked “thirty seconds to air”, and told everyone quietly talking to shut up.

Firefall Fest livestreaming event begins today, entire internet invited

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As we reported last week, Firefall developers Red 5 Studios have organised a six-day shindig, Firefall Fest, featuring celebs, prizes and more.

And, good news! You can consume all the festivities without leaving your chair, using the official livestream to watch all 11 three-hour sessions, each of which sees devs share the stage with different noted nerd-personages, including caster Day[9], videogame satirists Mega 64, actress Felicia Day, actor-turned-geek-deity Wil Wheaton, and Captain Mal himself, Nathan Fillion.

Check back here for our coverage of the event - Rich McCormick is our possibly-quite-jetlagged man on the ground. Hit the jump for the full schedule.