Firefall beta

Firefall gets final test weekend, ahead of the open beta launch

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Firefall is due to enter open beta on July 9th, which means there's still time for one last round of server spring cleaning. Red 5 have announced their final Beta Weekend, which will kick off this Friday. In addition to being able to smugly run around in the knowledge that you got there before the general public, beta weekend players will be able to compete for special "high-end" gear, and earn a unique unlock - the Infiltrator Nightvision Goggles.

Firefall holds first public beta this weekend, new game footage released

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Ambitious MMO shooter Firefall is set to open its servers to a new wave of bug hunters. That's "bug" in both senses: those in the game's code and the squishy beasts you'll be shooting. From January 25 - 27 the game will be holding its first 48-hour public beta weekend, letting anyone who registers for a Firefall account run around its massive open world. In preparation for the test, Red 5 have released a trailer, giving potential participants a taste of what to expect.