Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII's crappy music quality finally fixed in latest update

Tom Sykes at

Obviously Final Fantasy VIII/IX/XII/Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy is the best FF ever made,
but I think we can all agree that FFIX/Mystic Quest/FFVII is a close second. The adventures of Cloud, Gun-Arm, Dead Flower Girl and co. was re-released on PC a year ago with added achievements and cloud-saving - but with rubbish-sounding music compared to the original PS1 game. Players quickly found a way to replace the music files, but if you don't want to risk the wrath of Ultimate Weapon by modifying the game's folder contents, you'll be pleased to hear that Square Enix has finally issued an update that does the same.

Final Fantasy VII wins random encounter, is rewarded with Steam release

Phil Savage at

It's not the best Final Fantasy - I think we can all agree that X-2 gets that award - but Squaresoft's classic tale of big swords, bigger hair and incongruous snowboarding minigames has now arrived on Steam. I know what you're wondering: does it support Cloud Saving? Yes... yes it does. They were hardly going to let that obvious pun go to waste.

Final Fantasy VII finally re-re-released on PC

Richard Cobbett at

Yes, after many years and one false start the other week, you can now relive the epic adventure that is Final Fantasy VII on your PC. In the unlikely event you've never even heard of it, it's widely held to be one of the best JRPGs ever that doesn't involve time travel and a guy called Crono, and is easily the most beloved Final Fantasy adventure of all time. Price-wise, it's £7.99 for the moment, rising to £9.99 in September, and there's a trailer to give you a flavour of its action embedded right here...

Final Fantasy VII getting PC re-release

Tom Hatfield at

Yes, the news has finally broken. Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix's most beloved spiky haired JRPG, is coming back to PC. The new version will be updated and optimised for modern PCs, with achievements and cloud saves. Please feel free to make your own 'Cloud saves' joke here. Everyone else has.