Don't be fooled by this "EA Sports" FIFA World Cup phishing scam

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World Cup fever can manifest in a variety of ways. Usually it involves a great deal of shouting and drinking, but scammers are also having a field day doing what they do best: scamming. One such scam is playing out on Instagram at present, where a fake EA Sports account is promising new and exclusive playable characters, including Neymar. Problem is, if you follow the link provided and enter your Origin password, you’ll fall victim to a phishing scam.

Battlefield 4, Mass Effect 3 and SimCity among Origin's Black Friday deals

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I'm starting to realise it would be easier to list the distributors not currently holding a Black Friday sale. Even so, we'll give Origin the spotlight for a second. After all, their sale does have some good discounts on a selection of EA games, and, let's be honest, people are hardly going to check Origin's store page unprompted. Now you've had that prompt, head over for up to 66% off certain games, including 40% off Battlefield 4.

Fifa 14 review

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FIFA strives to mimic the off-pitch strategy and on-pitch tactics of real football, and in the 12 months spent with each annual iteration, its fans become accustomed to the weight of its physics and the subtleties of its animations. As one of those fans, I’ve learnt the possible arcs of an aerial through ball, and the movements of teammates off the ball. When you’re so carefully attuned to the small details that make up a game, even a sequel that changes very little still manages to change everything.

Every game at E3 2013 and its PC release outlook

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Now that the blinding glare of every major publisher simultaneously projecting marketing at us has dimmed, we have a clearer picture of what E3 2013 revealed, what's important to us, and what we expect to be playing on PC within the next couple years. And here it all is.

FIFA's Ignite engine might come to PC, but not until average hardware specs are higher

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Last month, EA Sports announced their new Ignite engine. They showed demos, revealed features, and generally explained how it would improve on their previous tech. Then they admitted that Ignite was only heading to consoles, and that the PC version of FIFA 14 would use the same engine that powers its predecessors. Now, EA Sports head Andrew Wilson has explained the reasoning behind this decision.

FIFA 14's next-gen Ignite engine won't be coming to PC

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As part of last night's Xbox One reveal, EA introduced Ignite, the shiny new engine that'll power their next-gen sporting titles - including the upcoming FIFA 14. EA say Ignite will allow them to deliver better physics, AI and animation to the pitch. And after year upon year of minor iterations, a dramatic overhaul to the underlying EA Sports tech sounds rather exciting. Which makes it all the more annoying that the engine won't be coming to PC.

FIFA 14 announced, surprising no-one

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Sure, you can roll your eyes at unfailing annualisation of sports games. But just look at real football - they make a new version of that every year too, and it hasn't changed for decades. Maybe they've spruced up the hair tech since the 80s, but other than that it's exactly the same game. So at least EA Sports are putting the effort in with some new features and upgrades for the now confirmed FIFA 14.