Female Shepard

Mass Effect 3: Death to Blonde Shepard

Kim Richards at

I am a girl. I come equipped with girly parts, like fallopian tubes and a smug sense of always being right. But don't let this fact make you think that I don't like looking at other girls. I like it. I like it a lot. There’s something about the pleasing curves of the fairer sex that made my teenage years at an all-girls Catholic school a very exciting time indeed.

However, I have my standards. I like my ladies to have character, originality and a bit of attitude. All earnest qualities that Female Shepard Number 5 completely lacks. Frankly, if I saw her in a locker room, I’d glaze over and move on, in search of more interesting entries for my Filofax of Filth. She’s just so utterly bland.

BioWare will give female Shepard her own trailer and place on Mass Effect 3's box

Tom Francis at

When I spoke to Mass Effect 3 executive producer Casey Hudson a while back, he said they'd read our list of 15 things we want from Mass Effect 3, and "I think we're going to address all of them except Tali's face." I assumed he meant "And the ones you know we won't do, like putting the female version of Commander Shepard on the box."

Nope! Marketing director David Silverman says they're putting the female Shepard, and the male one, on the box for the collector's edition of the game. And they're now working on a new trailer for the game that stars the female version of the hero. Silverman says they're working on her appearance, but that it's been influenced by input from the cult fanbase the female Shepard has inspired.