FEAR 3 review

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F.3.A.R. – pronounced ‘fthreear’ – stands for First Threencounter Assault & Recon. As in the first game, only slightly more coherently titled First Encounter Assault & Recon, you play a time-slowing action hero called Point Man.

Fthreear’s refusal to give you a less stupid name becomes increasingly awkward as it puts more and more focus on the conflicted relationship between you and your dead telepathic evil ghost brother Paxton Fettel. I’m going to stop talking about the plot now, hope that’s OK.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive trailer reveals cross-platform play, Valve to host official servers

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The first trailer for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has landed on Gametrailers. In between messages mentioning the new weapons, maps and game modes, one pop up confirms that CS:GO will have cross platform play, giving us an opportunity to playfully shoot Playstation 3 and Mac players in the face.

Kotaku have spent some time with CS:GO, and can confirm a few new facts. Global Offensive will have a "casual mode" which will give players funds to buy whatever they like between rounds. This mode will also support cross team chat and let you spectate enemy team members. "Competitive mode" will provide a more traditional Counter-Strike set up.

FEAR 3 review

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Wandering through darkened hallways with a buddy, with constant achievement pop-ups high-fiving your eyeballs every time you pick up a dozen ammo packs, it’s hard to get into the mood for horror. It’s a problem that FEAR 3 can’t resolve in its attempt to integrate co-op, and sacrificing the spooky mood reduces it to just another shooter with great action but a lot of typical problems.

This week's releases

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Hello and welcome to our regular round up of this week's newly released games in Europe and North America. Wallets at the ready for the shiny new games within.

The Sunday Video Pwn

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Sometimes choosing the headline video for the Pwn is a difficult decision. This week, however, the first video I found was granted immediate headline status. Volition win the number one spot with their take on that 80's classic music video, using Red Faction characters. It does the worst job in the world at showing off the actual game, but as a piece of marketing madness it's a sure-fire pwn.

The Sunday Video Pwn

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It's been a few days at least since we showed Minecraft any love, so this week's headlining video is from our favourite excavating game. Here, with some mod trickery, you can see just what Minecraft would look like if played after ingesting Lysergic acid diethylamide. It's a nauseating experience, so view on a clean stomach and do not attempt to eat or drink during the viewing experience. I genuinely have no idea why on earth you'd want to play with this mod on, but it certainly makes Minecraft's world look even more mind-bending than it does at current. Looking at the sculptures on the PC Gamer Minecraft server genuinly fills me with awe; it's incredible to see what some of you guys have crafted. It does make me wonder though, if players were armed with THIS, what kind of elements they could mine and build stuff with.

The Sunday Video Pwn

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DICE issued us a challenge this week: 1 million 'likes' of their Facebook page is required to unlock the producer's commentary of this epic twelve-minute trailer for Battlefield 3. As of writing, we've achieved 800,000 so the final reward is within our grasp. The video itself shows the 'Fault Line' scenario in its entirety. Whilst you've probably experienced much of it over the three 'episodes' DICE have released over the last couple of months, it's certainly worth watching as a complete spectacle. And a spectacle it is; a slice of the experience yet to come. This video certainly sets the bar high, and we very much hope that Battlefield 3 will fulfil all its promises.

The week in PC gaming video

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At PC Gamer, we love StarCraft. A lot. When we're not playing StarCraft, we're probably thinking about it, or watching it online. We love Day9's daily updates. Here, Day9's normally cheeky little face is removed from sight with the death of his webcam, and thus our hero must resort to other options. Naturally, many comic moment ensue.

FEAR 3 screens show haunted department store and deadly telekinesis

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A series of new FEAR 3 shots have been released, showing scenes from a wrecked department store, infested with mad cultists and unfriendly creatures. We get to see the Alma, the ever-charismatic Pointman and psychic maestro of death, Paxton Fettel dealing damage to evildoers. You'll find the new shots embedded below.

F3AR trailer shows off new powers

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The new F3AR trailer still isn't showing any actual footage of a game engine, but it's at least alluding to some of the powers you'll have. You can play as Paxton Fettel and possess people, or you can play as Point Man and grimace at people. They've ditched the full-motion-people-men they had last time and have went for a sort of evil cartoon CGI look.

FEAR 3 hands-on E3 impressions

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I think I'm going to need a co-op partner to play FEAR 3 with me, for very selfish reasons. Played in single-player as The Point Man, it's pretty much the same old paranormal shooter, slow motion power and all. In co-op however, you can assume control of the vastly more interesting Paxton Fettle - the first game's villain, now a ghost - and run around stunning and possessing people while your partner does the shooting.

More impressions and a ton of screenshots below the fold.