War of the Vikings leaves early access, launch trailer makes heavy use of the word "Viking"

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"What do you think a Viking is? Bravery? Fury?" asks the launch trailer for War of the Vikings. In my experience of muliplayer combat, it's more likely to be teabagging and complaints about lag. Unsurprisingly, the narrator has rather more lofty ideals to accompany the footage of Fatshark's War of the Vikings, which—after six months sailing through Steam Early Access—has now been officially released.

War of the Vikings hits Steam Early Access, yours to plunder right now

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The Norsey follow-up to Fatshark's War of the Roses sails to Steam Early Access today, following a closed alpha test back in August. Should you decide to take the plunge, you'll be given access to two modes - Arena and Team Deathmatch - along with two "small" maps entitled Gauntlet and Docks.

War of the Vikings begins closed alpha testing this week

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Closed alpha news is a bit of a double-edged axe - one that's often found buried in the skull of a person who really wants to participate in the limited access test. For War of the Vikings, though, Paradox are guaranteeing access to the alpha for anyone who owns Fatshark's previous historical first-person slasher, War of the Roses: Kingmaker. That alpha is due to start in a couple of days time, on August 22nd.

War of the Vikings announced, Fatshark's Norse follow-up to War of the Roses

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Paradox have announced War of the Vikings, an angrier, beardier standalone spin-off to Fatshark's War of the Roses. Vikings will also be a multiplayer battler, and will cast players as warring Norse and Saxon fighters. Set in the 9th and 10th Century, you'll fight to conquer or defend England through a variety of game modes, many of which will likely involve chopping up an unkempt man through the face and limbs.

War of the Roses demo now listed as free to play

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You might not have known it, but Fatshark's rendition of the 15th century English battle, War of the Roses, has been a free-to-play game for quite some time now. The base game became a free trial earlier this year, being free-to-play in all but name. Now, it has the name.

War of the Roses update adds firearms and a new map

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You know you're in trouble when the other guy brings a handgonne to a swordfight. The latest update to Fatshark's War of the Roses: Kingmaker lets you do just that, with the addition of guns, more armor options, and a new map called Ravenspurn.

War of the Roses: Kingmaker trailer features Brian Blessed by the bucketload

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"What makes up a king?" asks the Earl of Warwick in this War of the Roses: Kingmaker trailer, before quickly answering it with "IT'S ME, BRIAN BLESSED, I DO." The booming British actor plays the part of the Kingmaker himself in this imminent special edition of Paradox Interactive's historical multiplayer battler - imminent as in tomorrow, March 21st. As previously revealed, his thunderous voice will shake the battlefield by announcing in-game events and warnings, and if this video is any indication, we're all going to have tinnitus by the end of the round 1.

War of the Roses unleashes its most lethal weapon: Brian Blessed

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IT'S HERE! After much anticipation, War of the Roses' Brian Blessed DLC pack has been released. The pack casts the cacophonous thesp into the role of narrator, announcing victories and defeats with his own unique aural assault. I've done you a disservice by not typing the entirety of this opening paragraph in all caps. TO THE VIDEO!

War of the Roses treads Outside the Law with flaming arrows and free weekend

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While we're still waiting on details about War of the Roses' much anticipated (by me) Brian Blessed DLC, Fatshark continue to update their medieval melee FPS in new and interesting ways. The latest content drop, titled Outside the Law, puts a Robin Hood-style twist on the ongoing battle between Lancastrians and Yorkists - adding in flaming arrows and a lush new forest map.

War of the Roses free trial now available

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Paradox are offering a free pass to the 15th century, with a trial for the knight-bothering medieval multiplayer combat of War of the Roses. And this isn't one of those "try the full game for one weekend only" deals. Instead, it's a permanent sampler, letting you lance Lancastrians or cause Yorkshiremen to yelp whenever you please.

War of the Roses update adds free Scottish mercenary gear, reworks armor and weapon behavior

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Paradox is taking full advantage of its permanent content team for the multiplayer medieval mosher War of the Roses. An update released yesterday furnishes the armories of the Lancaster and York ranks with a free helm and chestpiece combo modeled after the Scottish Gallowglass mecernaries.

War of the Roses update celebrates winter's arrival

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Winter was coming. Now it's here. Like a particularly bothersome unwanted guest, it's turned up at your doorstep and is busy driving up your heating bills and loudly wondering why you aren't wearing that lovely jumper that your nan got you last year. To mark the occasion, Paradox will be releasing the aptly titled "Winter Has Arrived" update for War of the Roses, their 15th Century team-based battler.

War of the Roses to get Hospitaller-themed gear, new game modes later this year

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We reported recently that Paradox has created a permanent team to produce ongoing content for War of the Roses. We're just now getting some info on what that's going to look like. Before the end of the year we can expect seven new weapons, new armor options including Knights Hospitaller plate, and even some new maps and game modes.

War of the Roses review

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I have an armed badger on my head. He’s a mocking crest that I added to my helmet to stand out in battle, so that the last thing opponents would see when they died was a wobbling, poleaxe-wielding melinae of doom. I call him my badger of dishonour.

War of the Roses, Fatshark’s third-person multiplayer knight lark, is a funny, well-crafted, limited little game where you fight for the right to make your knight look as imposing, or as ridiculous, as you can.

Paradox forges permanent War of the Roses franchise team

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Apparently, the just released medieval face-stabbing simulator War of the Roses is doing pretty well, as Paradox Interactive has formed a permanent team to develop future content for the franchise. “The game’s reception from players has exceeded expectations and we are truly grateful for the continued support from the community," Executive Producer Gordon Van Dyke said in a press release. "We’ll continue to improve the game and add substantial content for all players.”

How to crush your enemies in War of the Roses

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I don't want to brag, but... okay, I do want to brag. I'm good at War of the Roses. This came as a shock seeing how mediocre I usually am at shooters and deathmatch-type games in general. For those of you who might not be very proficient at simulated medieval maiming, I've compiled some tips to help you lead your chosen house to glory.

Krater to get free co-op DLC this month

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Krater is a squad-based action RPG set in post-apocalyptic Sweden. You have to guide your band of mercs into the heart of a cataclysmic scar and loot the hell out of it. But why loot alone? Fatshark today announce that Krater will get a free co-op update on October 23. The DLC will also contain a number of single player fixes based on player feedback.

Crafting and "consequence" are two strong elements that help Krater stand out from the action RPG crowd. Members of your team can be permanently killed if you're not careful. Krater wasn't too well received on launch, but producer Robert Bäckström promises that “The game experience from day one to now is very different." There's plenty more planned for future updates as well, including "new character DLCs." You can follow all the latest on the Krater dev blog.

How to not lose an armor a leg: Paradox completes War of the Roses mini-documentary

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As far as ensuring the authenticity of many metal-suited men poking each other with sharper pieces of metal, England ranks as one of the globe's leading authorities. While Paradox's upcoming multiplayer medieval mayhem War of the Roses employs some liberties with realism (I'm looking at you, arrow-in-the-face knight who killed me), it's still steeped in enough historical influence to warrant some research on proper feudal scrums. Check out how Paradox and developer Fatshark got hands-on data inside.

War of the Roses trailer celebrates upcoming launch by bashing in tin hats

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FatShark's third person multiplayer medieval slay-'em-up, War of the Roses is out on October 2, but you can get in a week early and see your copy upgraded to the digital deluxe edition by pre-ordering. The digital deluxe edition comes with some bonus in-game armour and the official soundtrack, but the armour will vary depending on whether you pre-order from Steam (House of Lancaster) or other shops like Gamersgate, Green Man Gaming, Gamestop, Amazon and others (House of York).

War of the Roses E3 trailer features arrows to the face, visually-impairing headwear

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War of the Roses, the medieval multiplayer deathmatch game that is looking to bring viable melee combat to a mode mostly dominated by shooters, rolled out a new trailer for E3. Will they finally be able to pull off fun, interesting swordplay in a first-person, competitive multiplayer environment? And more importantly, how did the Yorks and Lancasters ever see out of those ridiculous helmets? An enigma that may be lost to the pages of history.