Fallout: New Vegas fan film teased ahead of its premiere next week

Katie Williams at

You may remember clashing with the overly gruff Monster of the East in one of Fallout: New Vegas' endings. Legate Lanius—whose name is Latin for "butcher," naturally—wasn't terribly complex beyond being New Vegas' token Bad Guy, but a fan film is seeking to change that by attempting to color in his backstory. This here is the first teaser for the fan film Fallout: Lanius, which is debuts this weekend.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution fan film looks pretty amazing

Phil Savage at

It's not the officially licensed movie, but this teaser trailer for an upcoming Human Revolution short film is looking mighty impressive. DCode Films are handling the project, with Moe Charif acting as writer and director, as well as playing Adam Jensen. Getting all those cyborg limb augmentations shows some admirable dedication, don't you think?

Left 4 Dead fan film features some surprising cameos

Tom Senior at

This is the full length version of the Left 4 Dead fan film that was teased two weeks ago. With Bill's tragic demise, the Left 4 Dead crew are a member short. On the way to a safe room three blocks away they find a replacement. And then another one. And then another, until everything's gone a bit mad. Which one would you pick to become the crew's new fourth member?

Left 4 Dead trailer teases intriguing fan film

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This is just a sneak peak of a longer fan film that creators Airsoft GI are planning to release soon, spotted on RPS. It's been a great year for classy fan films, from the Fallout 3 film, Nuka Break, to Beyond Black Mesa and Infectious Designer's recent Half-Life inspired short, Origins. From the looks of the trailer, this Left 4 Dead film could top them all. Look, Zoey's even clutching Bill's discarded beret. Poor Bill :(

Portal: No Escape breaks out the drama

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Further proof that, in the best possible way, Valve really does have the fans it deserves. This short Portal movie is a little unusual, throwing out the usual jokes and cake references in favour of a rather more totalitarian view of Chell's imprisonment in Aperture. Easily one of the most impressive implementations of the portal effects though, and an intriguingly moody alternate universe take on the games.