Fallen London

Sunless Sea's first major update to shuffle maps; better combat on the way soon

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Nautical exploration/survival/trading/adventure game Sunless Sea is about to receive its first major update, which will be bolstered onto the game within the next few days. It's a big one, adding the promised random map generation (or "map shuffling") upon the start of each new game, along with additional lands, randomised ship names and—crucially for a story-focused game such as this—extra words, bringing the word count in Sunless Sea to over 100,000. Devs Failbetter Games—them what did Fallen London—have also outlined their future update plans, and improved combat is chief among them.

The Joy of Text

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Remember text?

To hear some people talk, it had a decent run before it died. Everyone loved carved stone tablets, until scrolls became the iPads of their day. Later, books picked up the slack. Then came TV and movies, and who’d want to pay to read words after that happened? Yes, they’d have to be a real sucker...

Ahem. The strange situation is that despite the written word getting sadly little respect these days, the average person has never read more. Much of it is short-form, but devices like the Kindle and the iPad have stepped in to make longer reads cool again, and then gone one step further: they’ve helped give birth to a new generation of interactive stories. The text adventure is back.

Interactive fiction tools StoryNexus and Quest released

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You are at PCGamer.com. The proud red, black and white masthead hangs to the NORTH. To the SOUTH lie the website credits, which are direly in need of an update (sorry). Directly in front of you is an article about two powerful and user-friendly interactive fiction tools, which have both been released within day of each other. You feel a faint wind upon your face and a strong desire to read the article.

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