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Fallen Earth going F2P, developers explain details

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Fallen Earth is an action-MMO set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, built around faction warfare and team tactics. Until now it's been a subscription-based game, but tomorrow it goes free-to-play. That's just a part of how Fallen Earth is changing, however. Developer Reloaded Productions is keen to open up the game to more sandbox play, and to intensify the ongoing faction warfare.

Reloaded Productions' lead designer Mariel Croall and associate game director Joseph Willmon, of GamersFirst, were good enough to answer some questions about what's changing in Fallen Earth.

Fallen Earth officially announces it's going free-to-play

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When we heard that longstanding free-to-play gurus GamersFirst (fun fact: they actually own the trademark on the phrase "free2play") were picking up Fallen Earth from original devs at Icarus Studios, we knew that the post-apocalyptic shooter would be going free-to-play not long after. But GamersFirst was playing shy, and only just today announced their official plans to fold the game into the fastest-growing MMO business model on the planet.

Fallen Earth Dev Diary: When plants rule the earth

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PC Gamer routinely features Developer Diaries: tales of what goes on behind-the-scenes in the development studios making your favorite games. This Dev Diary comes from Art Director Chris “Devo” Deavellar of the Fallen Earth development team, and provides insight into the development of the new zone being added to the game--Section 4.

Fallen Earth Mobile Companion App updated

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Fallen Earth recently launched a new version of its companion mobile app for Blackberry, Android, and Apple devices. The update added a lot of premium features, while making all of the previously paid-for features of the free-to-download app available at no cost. Staying in touch with your guildies, and maintaining production lines and social connections inside your favorite MMO while out and about is invaluable, and mobile apps like this are reason enough for any hardcore MMO gamer to have a smart phone or iPod touch. So far we've been impressed with this particular app's functionality. Expect a full diagnosis in the magazine and online soon, but for now, here's a breakdown of the features for potential buyers.

TweetTalk: Do Steam MMO achievements matter?

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Fallen Earth, the post-apocalyptic MMO prized for its crafting system, gritty setting, and skill-based shooter mechanics, announced this week that they were adding Steam achievements. And in typical MMO "go big or go home" fashion, they rolled out with over 500 of 'em, ranging from straight forward exploration ("Tourist: Lost City - Take in the view at Lost City") to skills ("Expert Scrounger - Raise your Scavenging Skill to 164") to generic grinding ("Curing the Blight - Kill Blight Wolves").

This got me wondering--are Steam achievements going to catch on for PC games, becoming the wild inferno fueling impulsive game buying for the sole purpose of earning achievements, like they are for the XBOX trophy system? I have my own opinion, but I took the question to Twitter to see what you guys think.