Hitman Absolution launches, then pulls, offensive Facebook promotion

Phil Savage at

Yesterday I was convinced that Hitman Absolution's Deus Ex DLC items would be among the stupidest promotional stuff we'd see for the game. Unfortunately, they weren't. A Facebook campaign that launched today - before being quickly removed after RPS spotted it - encouraged people to send a hit on their friends.

Day Z Video Diary -- Emotional Rollercoaster

Evan Lahti at

Day Z does something novel and counter-intuitive that I love: it makes being victimized exciting. You feel a lot when you're face-to-face with permadeath—when you're being bandited, zombied, starved, or dehydrated.

I had an incredible session in Day Z last night during an impromptu livestream. In 15 minutes of action, I felt a greater spectrum of feelings than I have in a month worth of gaming. Come behold my tornado of terror, guilt, joy, and cowardice.

ITV documentary that featured ARMA 2 footage declared "materially misleading" by regulator

Tom Senior at

In September last year, an ITV documentary, Gaddafi and the IRA, ran a clip that they claimed to show an IRA attack on a helicopter. It was actually footage from ARMA 2. While most of the world facepalmed, British TV regulator, Ofcom, launched an investigation. Their verdict is in. They're not impressed.

The Guardian report Ofcom's findings, which declared the film "materially misleading" and labelled the error "a significant breach of audience trust, particularly in the context of a public service broadcaster."

Games for Windows takes pop at Activision

Tim Edwards at

Yesterday, Activision boss and controversy magnet Bobby Kotick came out in favour of 'open platforms' and 'gamer friendly PCs'. Today, the Games for Windows Live bit of Microsoft are taking a pop at him.