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The Swapper review

Cassandra Khaw at

Built of clay and the echoes of Stanley Kubrick’s creative ghost, sidescrolling puzzler The Swapper is superb. It’s clever, moody and forward-thinking in its disdain for conventional, permaroided protagonists, but also irrepressibly frustrating. Like the charming rapscallion you can’t help but like, The Swapper will drive you up the wall and have you coming back for more.

The Swapper clones itself to Steam May 30th, celebrates with a clayful new trailer

Tom Sykes at

You remember The Swapper, right? For beneath that rather bland name lies a gorgeous handmade science-fiction platformer in which you have the power to make clones of yourself. Rather than using them to do chores or carry him aloft like a war hero, Swapper Guy uses them to solve puzzles, admittedly in one of the most striking, atmospheric indie games of recent years. Head here for a reminder, then stick around for a very Promethean trailer - oh and the news that it's heading to Steam on May 30th.

The Swapper - a clever claymation puzzle-platformer - coming to Steam this Spring

Tom Sykes at

You're going to want to keep an eye on The Swapper, a sidescrolling platform/puzzle game with a staggering art style and a killer central mechanic. You play an astronaut - or more accurately, astronauts, because you soon gain the power to make clones of yourself and, as the title suggests, swap between them. If that wasn't novel enough, the game's characters and sets are made of handmade materials such as tin cans and clay - this is the Aardman hard sci-fi I never knew I needed until now. Have a watch of the following, new trailer for proof, but be sure to turn the quality up so you can make out every last blemish and fingerprint.