Bundle Stars' new bundle offers all FEAR games for cheap

Phil Savage at

FEAR, (also known as First Encounter Assault Recon, also known as Jump-Kick Simulator 2005,) is the subject of a new bundle. For the next 17 days, you can cheaply acquire Fear, its expansions, Fear 2, its DLC pack, and F3AR, (also known as First, Er, Third Assault Recon? Also known as No Seriously, Why Is There A Three There? It Hurts To Look At It.)

FEAR 3 review

Rob Zacny at

Wandering through darkened hallways with a buddy, with constant achievement pop-ups high-fiving your eyeballs every time you pick up a dozen ammo packs, it’s hard to get into the mood for horror. It’s a problem that FEAR 3 can’t resolve in its attempt to integrate co-op, and sacrificing the spooky mood reduces it to just another shooter with great action but a lot of typical problems.

F3AR trailer shows off new powers

Jaz McDougall at

The new F3AR trailer still isn't showing any actual footage of a game engine, but it's at least alluding to some of the powers you'll have. You can play as Paxton Fettel and possess people, or you can play as Point Man and grimace at people. They've ditched the full-motion-people-men they had last time and have went for a sort of evil cartoon CGI look.