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Below trailer brings a moment of ethereal calm to Gamescom

Shaun Prescott at

Sick of suited up guys yelling into mouthpieces, incendiary shooter sequels and stuff that's Only On Xbox? This Below trailer provides a calm respite from the brouhaha of Gamescom. There's no new information (ie, we still don't know when it's coming out), but this Capybara developed top-down adventure roguelike is looking prettier than ever.

Below hands-on: lonely, vulnerable, gorgeous

Cory Banks at

The very first thing I notice when I start playing Below is how tiny I am. Noticing this makes Kris Piotrowski, Creative Director at Capybara Games, extremely happy. "That's the point," he says. I'm supposed to feel vulnerable, miniscule, and alone. Even in a crowd of gamers who are getting their first taste of Capy's upcoming roguelike, I do feel alone.

Terraria offers new treats, no tricks, in Halloween update

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People prepare for the night of ghosts and goblins in different ways. Some go trick-or-treating, while others get so drunk they start believing they are their costume. Only a select few lock themselves away to craft free Halloween updates for their games, and it turns out Terraria’s developers happen belong in the latter group.

Terraria Christmas update adds snow, Snowman gangsters and "Mister Stabby"

Tom Senior at

It's Christmas on Sunday! That means we can expect lots of Christmas events to start appearing in our favourite games. Terraria proves that you don't need the third dimension to get into the Xmas spirit. From now until December 25 newly generated worlds will contain new snow biomes. You'll be able to make houses out of candy, add festive Christmas lights and engage in the traditional Yuletide pastime of smashing a snow globe to summon an army of evil snowmen wielding Tommy guns. What, what?

Terraria to become "150% more difficult" with upcoming patch

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Terraria developers Re-Logic are working on a huge update for Terraria. Patch 1.06 plans to rebalance combat and make bosses like The Eater of Worlds even more dangerous. Health potions will be less effective and have longer cooldowns, so you'll no longer be able to chug them down as you wade through Terraria's toughest enemies. Developer Blue writes on the Terraria forums that when 1.06 lands, "most boss battles will be nearly impossible to win without gearing yourself up fully, and planning out the battle beforehand." You find more details and preliminary patch notes below.

Terraria devs explain Steam sale price hike

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One of the best selling deals in the Summer Steam Sale knocked 75% off the 2D explore-a-thon, Terraria. After the sale went live, the discount was suddenly changed to 50% off. Many saw this as a greedy move from the developers. In a post on the Terraria forums, spotted on Reddit by Doomed, Re-Logic say that the discount was supposed to be 50% off from the start.

"We did not intend the sale price to be 75% off at any time," writes developer, Blue. "When the situation was noticed, it was corrected. Hence why it so quickly changed to 50% and caused so many so much grief. We’ve received many angry emails for people blaming us personally, and calling us greedy, but that is simply not the case here."

Terraria update trailer shows anti-gravity boots and Hellfire Arrows

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He's walking on the ceiling! He's got an extendable magic staff! His bow shoots bombs! Demilogic have released a video showing off some of the new items that will land with the upcoming 1.0.5 update for Terraria, and they are fantastic. As well as the obviously brilliant boots, and the all-destroying Hellfire Arrows, there's a more subtle effect that seems to highlight ore that would ordinarily be hidden in darkness - this could be something to do with the alchemy mentioned in the video title.

In a recent forum post, developers Re-Logic revealed that they would be adding potions in the next update, along with new potions and an improved Guide to help newcomers settle into Terraria's world a little easier. There's no release date for the patch yet.

Terraria sells 432,000 in one month, hardcore mode revealed

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It's Friday afternoon, statistically the best time of the week to discover shocking new statistics. Today we learn that the 2D mining and exploration game, Terraria, released just a month ago, has sold more than 432,000 copies.

Don't pick your jaw up just yet. Terraria has been in the top ten most played list on Steam for 32 days of the last month. Between 14-32 thousand people play it every day, the game's two trailers have amassed almost two million hits between them.