Planetside 2 creative director predicts an MMOFPS renaissance: "they’re really difficult to make, so good luck”

Owen Hill at

Planetside 2 excitement is hitting an all time high. There’s 30 minutes of footage and a bunch of new screens here, which you should almost definitely watch. It’s like a beautiful dream coming true. A massively multiplayer FPS dream with magnificent scale, day/night cycles, vehicles and jetpacks.

Creative director, Matt Higby is just as excited as the rest of us. "It always blows my mind that there aren't more MMO FPSs" he says, after showing a live demo at GDC.

EverQuest finally going free-to-play in March

Gavin Townsley at

Thirteen years ago, EverQuest opened a door that would influence online gaming forever. It taught us how to camp world bosses, how painful dying can be, and most importantly, how to make a ham sandwich and take a shower in under five minutes so you can get back to the game ASAP. It isn't the flashiest or the most beginner-friendly of MMOs, but it was certainly the foundation for games like World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic. And finally, more than a decade and nearly 20 expansions later, it's going free-to-play.

Details emerge for new EverQuest expansion

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The next EverQuest expansion, Veil of Alaris, opens up an all-new continent formerly hidden by magic. New features and improvements with this latest expansion, EverQuest's 18th, have come into focus as Veil of Alaris becomes available for pre-order.

Alaris will play host to 12 new zones and raises the level cap to 95, and it also includes a "twisted sea temple," the coastal city of Sarith, and the mountain fortress of Argath. It continues the story from the previous expansion, House of Thule, and players must find out who plotted the death of Cazic-Thule.

Veil of Alaris will also allow new guild halls, a revamped interface, email items, and customizable guild ranks.

Sony Online Entertainment MMOs back online

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DC Universe Online and Everquest players will be pleased to know that all of Sony Online Entertainment's MMOs are back online after the recent hacking incident, which saw thousands of users' credit card details stolen.

The games have been offline for almost a month, but Sony are planning to welcome back players with a series of free rewards, including free game time and in-game items.