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Eve Online senior producer on why "we ultimately failed" with Incarna

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The last year has been a roller-coaster for Eve developers CCP. The Incarna update added a series of unpopular features like the Captain's Quarters and an item store selling expensive cosmetic items. A series of leaked CCP emails intensified the controversy, leading to an emergency meeting between CCP and the player-run Council of Stellar Management, who called the disaster "a perfect storm of CCP communication failures, poor planning and sheer bad luck."

Since then CCP have been apologetic. A long open letter to the Eve Online playerbase said sorry for CCP's direction, and later CEO Hilmar Petursson told us that the developers would change their tack and become "much more focused on the more classical aspects of Eve Online." This week the winter Crucible update epitomised that strong change in direction, adding new spaceships and making dozens of tweaks requested by fans.

It looks like Eve is getting back on track, but what prompted CCP's decision to build the cutting edge tech required to add the Captain's Quarters in the first place? And what went wrong? We had a chat with Eve senior producer Arnar Hrafn Gylfason to find out.

Eve Online Crucible trailer has all the best lasers

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[embed width="610" height="340"]http://youtu.be/HrrVDV_NsNo[/embed]

Yesterday we mentioned that the Eve has just received its massive winter update. Crucible adds new ships and visual lovelies like neon ship trails, updated ship shaders and new Captain's Quarters interiors.

It's a good trailer. If there was a big red button on my desk marked "resubscribe to Eve," I'd probably have flopped bodily onto it screaming "TAKE ME TO SPACE!" at about the one minute mark. According to the opening message, all the footage above is torn from real battles between Eve players, as though CCP were camped out on a nearby moon with a camera filming the best nature documentary in the universe.

Eve Online Crucible update adds new ships, graphical improvements, UI updates and more

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The winter update to Eve Online landed yesterday, adding new vessels, nebulas, UI improvements, balance changes and more. It's the first major update since the problematic Incarna earlier this year, which prompted a serious change of direction for CCP. CEO Hilmar Pétursson has previously apologised to Eve players for "losing sight of simple things." Crucible is supposed to represent a return to what Eve Online players love most: SPACESHIPS.