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Eve Online stellar council head hits out at CCP

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Alexander Gianturco, the head of Eve's play liaison group the Council of Stellar Management has accused CCP neglecting the space based aspects of Eve in the development of the Incarna update. Writing on his website, Gianturco claimed that CCP "seems hell-bent on running Eve Online into the ground." Gianturco blames the development of Dust 514 and the World of Darkness MMO for upsetting the balance of Eve, claiming that features were implemented to with an eye to using them in the upcoming games.

EVE Online's CCP promises technical fixes, rebuffs item prices scandal and plans to add more expensive items in the future

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Players are rioting in the space-streets, fake monocles are being sold for almost five-months' playtime, and EVE Online players are all-around pissed with CCP, the developer of their favorite MMO. Backed up against the wall in a situation like this, it takes a lot of self-confidence to say that it's all just "communication issues."

But just yesterday morning, CCP held a teleconference with several members of the press to discuss the controversy surrounding the launch Incarna and did just that. Following the emergency weekend player council meeting, where CCP flew all CSM members to Iceland to meet with the developers, the joint-press conference was presented by Arnar Gylfason (CCP Zulu), Senior Producer for EVE Online and Alex “The Mittani” Gianturco, chairman of the Council of Stellar Management (CSM). Over the course of an hour, we heard restrained, direct facts from Gylfason, and blunt, honest opinions from Gianturco.

You can find the joint messages that came out of an emergency CSM summit in Reykjavik here, or just skip to all the juicy facts in our analysis below.

Eve Incarna update incoming, you'll be exploring Eve's space stations tomorrow

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The long-awaited Incarna update for Eve Online is set to arrive tomorrow. Incarna 1.0 will add the Captain's Quarters that will let every pilot wander around their own personal quarters on board any space station they dock in.

Eve: Incarna screenshots show space station interiors

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A new post on the Eve Online dev blog has turned up some fascinating new screenshots of the upcoming Incarna update. The next free expansion will players step out of their space ships and roam the universe's space stations on foot.

The latest version of the Captain's Quarters update are live now on the Eve Online Duality test servers, giving beta players access to the new Incarna areas with up to date animations and extra features. One of the most spectacular additions is the ship dock, where you can stand and admire your ship at its full scale. It's hard to tell when piloting them how enormous they are.