Europa Universalis 4: Wealth of Nations

Europa Universalis 4 gets big update alongside Wealth of Nations DLC release

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Calling all magnates, tycoons and financiers, Europa Universalis 4 has a business deal for you. Wealth of Nations, the game's second major expansion pack, is now out and offering trade-focused improvements and additions... for a price. For those more frugal in nature, Paradox are also releasing a new update, introducing major changes for owners of the base game.

Europa Universalis 4's Wealth of Nations expansion detailed by Paradox

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Last week, Miami was subjected to an unlikely Scandinavian invasion, as Paradox - along with their horde of strategy fanatics - descended for the annual Paradox Conference. It was the new games - Hearts of Iron 4 and Runemaster - that made the biggest impact during announcement day, but expansion packs for the studio's two big strategy games were also announced. One of them, Europa Universalis 4's upcoming Wealth of Nations DLC, has now been explained in more detail.