Escape Goat


Designing an Escape Goat 2 level with creator Ian Stocker

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"My usual approach to puzzles is to build backwards," says Ian Stocker. Most of the 100 puzzles in Stocker's game Escape Goat 2 started that way—with a door for the goat to escape through and an idea of how it would get there. In early April, Stocker updated the Steam build with a beta level editor and Steam Workshop support. When the build launches out of beta, all of Escape Goat players will be able to create puzzles with the same tools Stocker used for his own levels.

To get a jump on the inevitably heated Workshop competition, I sat down with Stocker to make a PC Gamer puzzle. After 30 minutes of building and brainstorming, I've got a co-designer credit to my name.

The Best Free Games of the Week

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A playable music video. Images seared into your retinas. A copywrong-inspired puzzler. Two-player art. Two-player...duelling. Free, short games continue to explore virgin territory where Gun-Man Shooter 3: Now With More Controversial Bits fears to tread. Read on for new ideas, nicked ideas and a game where you crush puny humans with your massive fists. Enjoy!

The Free Webgame Round-Up

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Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles and...not-puzzles – it's a good week for webgames, particularly if you enjoy, y'know, puzzles. Escape Goat shows what happens when a goat and a mouse (and a magic hat) put their wits (and their stitching) together; Olav & The Lute asks you to solve puzzles with sound rather than by merging stuff; Puzzle Script, meanwhile, lets you create your own puzzle games relatively easily. When your brain's suitably worn out it's time to hike home from Burning Man...something far easier said than done. Enjoy!

Escape Goat 2 announced: new puzzles, a new art style, same goat (presumably)

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Devilishly entertaining puzzle-platformer Escape Goat is going to receive a sequel, as revealed to those fine folks over on Indie Statik. While the fundamentals - solve single-screen puzzle rooms as a platforming goat and its adorable mouse sidekick - will largely remain the same, the graphics are getting a complete overhaul, thanks to artist Randy O'Connor (who worked on Waking Mars).

25 Greenlight games you should vote for right now

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Puntastic puzzlers, pretty underworld platformers, robots party planners and games of expansionist imperial politicking: there are a lot of excellent upcoming games going unnoticed on Greenlight. We've done our bit to address the signal-to-noise ratio, bundling together the games we think are most deserving of a Steam release into the PC Gamer Greenlight Collection. Why not do your bit by throwing a few votes their way? Let us know in the comments if you've spotted other lamentably unchampioned titles.

IndieGamesStand goes live, offers Escape Goat for your consideration

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We told you about IndieGamesStand a couple of weeks ago, but here's a brief reminder to let you know that it's just gone live, with Escape Goat (a devilish goat-based puzzle platformer) as its first offering.

Steam Greenlight: 15 ace games from the PC Gamer Collection

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While Valve continue to work out the kinks in their promo-platform piping, we’ve pooled together our favourite picks from the Steam Greenlight community into the PC Gamer Greenlight Collection. This will certainly continue to grow, so do check back, but here’s the first fifteen to make it in: experimental puzzlers, gruesome horror yarns, frantic frag-fests, puntastic platformers, games we can’t even pronounce - and all deserving of wider recognition. Why not have a peek and let us know what other games have tickled your fancy in the comments?