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Get Escape Goat 2 and Goat Simulator by donating to goat-themed charity

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Ask the person nearest to you how they feel about goats. It is unlikely they will say they hate goats, because humankind tends to look fondly on goatkind. Sometimes it feels like there are too few goats though, and that’s where video games and charity come into the equation: by donating to goat-themed charity Heifer International, you will not only contribute a real life goat to farmers in need, but you will also receive two goat-themed computer games for your efforts.

Designing an Escape Goat 2 level with creator Ian Stocker

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"My usual approach to puzzles is to build backwards," says Ian Stocker. Most of the 100 puzzles in Stocker's game Escape Goat 2 started that way—with a door for the goat to escape through and an idea of how it would get there. In early April, Stocker updated the Steam build with a beta level editor and Steam Workshop support. When the build launches out of beta, all of Escape Goat players will be able to create puzzles with the same tools Stocker used for his own levels.

To get a jump on the inevitably heated Workshop competition, I sat down with Stocker to make a PC Gamer puzzle. After 30 minutes of building and brainstorming, I've got a co-designer credit to my name.

Double Fine exec says publisher flexibility is key to getting devs more creative control

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For Double Fine, publishing means partnership. And with its new Double Fine Presents publishing venture, the Broken Age developer wants to work towards supporting a games industry that is changing and becoming less "rigid," according to a new interview with COO Justin Bailey at Gamasutra.

PAX 10 list of outstanding indie games announced

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The PAX 10, a select group of outstanding indie games featured each year at PAX Prime in Seattle, has been announced. Among the list are some recent stand-outs like Gunpoint and Rogue Legacy, but also some lesser-known upcomers like Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and chemistry-puzzler Sokobond.

Escape Goat 2 busts back into prison this September

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MagicalTimeBean's sequel to their demonic puzzle platformer was announced way back in January, but the wait is finally (nearly) over. As the website bleats, Escape Goat 2 will be out September 10th, and like all good goat-based games it will be DRM-free. Since we last looked, some new details and a trailer have come to light - you'll find them beneath the devious puzzle I like to call 'the break'.

GDC 2013: 18 indie games in 50 words

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At GDC, we spend most of our time ogling industry legends and running madly from one amazing talk to another—but what we don't always get time to do is see lots of indie games, except in passing, and we're running so fast they're all red-shifted and wrong. Thankfully, the Indie Mixer allows a chance to quickly experience lots of games without the commitment of a single embarassing preview—a bit like speed dating as opposed to getting set up by a mutual friend.

So, here's 20 of the unreleased games on show last night with a snap judgement on each one to show that we don't mind reviewing betas, alphas, or even epsilons. You can see more about these games and the ones we didn't get to try at the event's official website.

Escape Goat 2 announced: new puzzles, a new art style, same goat (presumably)

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Devilishly entertaining puzzle-platformer Escape Goat is going to receive a sequel, as revealed to those fine folks over on Indie Statik. While the fundamentals - solve single-screen puzzle rooms as a platforming goat and its adorable mouse sidekick - will largely remain the same, the graphics are getting a complete overhaul, thanks to artist Randy O'Connor (who worked on Waking Mars).