SOE closes three studios, lays off 205 employees, cancels the Agency - live games unaffected

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Rumors have been swirling about possible layoffs at all of SOE's studios. We contacted SOE directly to get the official word on what's happening, and it's a mix of good and bad news for gamers. Read on for the full report.

EverQuest II launching free-to-play servers!

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In a bold, unexpected move, SOE announced today that EverQuest II will be free-to-play...on some servers. It's a bit confusing, so allow us to break it down for you. EQII's existing subscription model will remain completely unchanged on existing servers, but in addition to them , SOE is launching new servers that will house an "EverQuest II Extended" version of the game that allows anyone to download the client and play through all of the content up through, and including, The Shadow Oddyssey expansion for free.