TERA gets seven day free trial

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If the in-browser 30 minute taster of TERA didn't do enough to convince you to dive into Bluehole's action-MMO, this seven day trial might do the trick. To get involved you can sign up for a free EnMasse account on the TERA site. You can battle your way to level 23 with up to eight characters. There will be a few typical free trial restrictions in place. You won't be able to use the post system, post in area chat, form guilds or vote in TERA's curious political system, but you will be able to carry your trial chracters into the full game if you choose to subscribe. Discover our verdict in the PC Gamer TERA review.

Play Tera for 30 minutes in your browser for free

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Some people need to see things for themselves. If our Tera review wasn't enough to convince you one way or another if the new action-combat MMORPG from EnMasse Entertainment is for you, you can test it out yourself with no commitment.

EnMasse teamed up with Gaikai to offer their new demo through your browser, with no download.

Tera's next update will revamp Warriors and Lancers, add PvP battlegrounds and dungeons

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A new blog post on Tera's official website revealed the developer's plans for the MMO's next big patch--and they're pretty hefty. On top of new dungeons and two classes getting fairly significant revamps, they're adding cross-server PvP battlegrounds, an expected feature that the playerbase has been anxiously awaiting.

Download TERA tonight, play it free all weekend

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TERA's launch is less than two weeks away, and the developers of this heavy action-combat MMORPG are eager to stress test their servers to make sure it goes smoothly. So they're opening up the floodgates to anyone that wants to try out the game before its locked behind a subscription fee on May 1. But you still need to know the password to get in—we've got full instructions inside.

TERA gets into the spirit of Halloween with new trailer

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EnMasse has released a new spooky themed trailer for their upcoming MMO, TERA. In the style of a Grimm Fairy Tale, the video tells a story of a young woman who find trouble after venturing into the woods. While the video doesn't show off a lot of new content, it does feature a few of the games more TERA-fying creatures. I wonder if that shape-shifting hag will be a boss? She better hand out candy.