English Country Tune

Humble Indie Bundle 8 expands with four more games

Phil Savage at

Between Hotline Miami, Proteus, Thomas Was Alone... pretty much everything in it, the Humble Indie Bundle 8 has been one of the best game bundles in recent memory. It essentially serves as an indie primer - a brilliant catch-up of some of notable games from the last few years. Now, with a week left before the bundle closes, four more games have been added to that selection. They're also pretty great.

English Country Tune review

PC Gamer at

There are times when English Country Tune feels like an entrance exam for MIT or Google, or a particularly selfimportant branch of Morrisons. I stare at the screen, and realise I have no idea what to do, let alone how I’m meant to do it. It’s a game that isn’t afraid to make you feel stupid.

You’re a square of blue card travelling end over end across a series of blocky arenas, pushing objects around and getting into abstract scrapes. You can climb walls, and you can crawl down the back of a level and out the other side. The twist is that traversal is just the starting point for a game that rewrites its rules and objectives with each new batch of challenges you unlock.