Engineer update

The quickest way to get the Wrangler in TF2

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The Engineer update went live last night, and the most powerful item it adds is the Wrangler. It makes your Sentry twice as powerful, three times as tough, gives it infinite range, and lets you tell it where to shoot. Unfortunately, though, it requires 17 achievements to unlock, and there are only about 10 easy ones. Luckily, there's a shortcut to get this electro-bastard in just an hour of play. Here's what you need:

TF2 Engineer Update released: full patch notes

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We've been liveblogging the bizarre, eventful and sometimes baffling onslaught of teasers, hints and reveals about Team Fortress 2's final class update over the last four days. It's just been released, and our Engineer Update liveblog is finally over. Full patch notes below the fold.

Team Fortress 2 Engineer update liveblog

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At around 7pm UK time, Valve officially revealed the first stages of the engineer update for Team Fortress 2. But it's a weird one, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory crossed with Team Fortress 2. Hidden within the game are 100 golden wrenches, and to find them, you have to craft.

Update! The update's out, it's all over, and our liveblog has drawn to a close. Here are all the details, latest first.

New Team Fortress 2 Engineer comic

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Valve have just put up a new chapter of the ongoing comic saga that's been accompanying the more recent class updates. And it's about the Engineer, the only class who hasn't had an update yet. Well, I'm out of theories.

The comic does shed some light on the recently discovered Golden Wrench, though. It explains that TF2's radically advanced technology stems from a gold-like mineral called Australium. The end of the comic suggests this material is also the source for a new set of weapons the Engy is about to build, so an Australium Wrench would explain a lot.

TF2 Engineer update clues found: Midas Wrench

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Update: more details have been revealed on our Team Fortress 2 Engineer update liveblog

The Engineer update is imminent. On Wednesday Robin hinted on the Team Fortress 2 blog that this was the calm before the storm, then last night the game was updated to add a bunch of seemingly minor tweaks. But in that update is code and visuals for a new Engineer weapon, possibly even a game mode, and the first scraps of a new cryptic teaser for the update. The Engineer is the only one of Team Fortress 2's nine classes yet to get a free update pack of new weapons and abilities. Read on for the clues so far, and a video of the new Wrench turning people to wibbly gold.

New Team Fortress 2 community items inbound

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Valve have this nasty habit of regularly adding new content to Team Fortress 2, years after you bought it in a steam sale for £5, or in The Orange Box with Episode 1 and Portal. One of their latest ploys is to hold a big contest for modders - design an unlock, and if it wins, it gets into the game. My beloved Homewrecker was just such a winner, and now another batch from 3d modelling community Polycount are ready and waiting to be judged, polished, and shipped. Here are some of the more promising, exciting, or silly entries: