Enemy offers turn-based tactics with a squad of retro game heroes, is now on Greenlight

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Enemy first came to my attention last year, when its Kickstarter campaign promised to deliver X-Com-a-like turn-based tactics with a retro game twist. Its items, abilities and, yes, enemies, are all drawn from gaming's 8-bit era, but the action takes place across fully destructible and randomly generated voxel environments. Enemy recently appeared on Steam Greenlight, and a new trailer shows how things have progressed.

Enemy development update details the turn-based roguelike's campaign overworld

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Back in March, the impossible to Google turn-based tactical roguelike Enemy met its modest Kickstarter goal and secured its continued development. Since then, developer Tom Johnson has been working away on the 8-bit inspired indie X-Com-a-like, and is releasing monthly development updates detailing its progress. With the latest, the game's campaign structure is beginning to take shape, adding retro-infused strategic depth to an already promising project.

Enemy: a turn-based tactical roguelike in a procedurally generated physics playground

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Enemy's squad roster may be picked from voxel representations of classic console characters, but the real point of reference is the original X-Com. The game, currently looking for Kickstarter backers, is a turn-based tactical roguelike, in which your 8-bit army displays skills ranging from blater proficiency to monster-squishing super jumps. Nostalgia-baiting overload it may be, but the real strength of project lies in the amazingly destructible environments.