Enemy Starfighter

Enemy Starfighter takes a rocket-jockey ride to PAX Prime in new trailer

Andy Chalk at

Back when I was playing (and loving) Homeworld, I would occasionally zoom in to the faux-cockpit view of a fighter and enjoy the scenery as it slashed through convoys of capital ships. It was an exciting perspective, even though the ships weren't directly controllable, which is why I'm so very much looking forward to Enemy Starfighter. As the newest trailer shows, it's the same kind of visual vibe, but now you actually get to fly.

Enemy Starfighter trailer shows deep-space dogfighting

Patrick Carlson at

It's been a while since we've had a proper Enemy Starfighter video and the latest trailer doesn't disappoint. The new footage puts you behind the stick of the game's interceptor starship for a series of hostile encounters in deep space.

New Enemy Starfighter trailer emerges from development deep space

Patrick Carlson at

Indie space sim Enemy Starfighter has a new trailer, giving us a look at what developer Marauder Interactive and game creator Mike Tipul have been up to since first announcing the project in late 2012. The new video hints again at the hybrid approach being built into the game, which puts players in command of an imperial power called the Harbinger Fleet.

Enemy Starfighter lets you "plan to shoot things in space before shooting things in space"

Omri Petitte at

Wow, where did all this sudden interest in space come from? We're seemingly in the midst of a space-sim renaissance, with ambitiousprojectswarping in from everywhere to turn 2013 into the year of the starry expanse. Here's another: Enemy Starfighter, a one-man indie effort emphasizing heavy planning and tactical fleet movements in addition to including standard cockpit-cam dogfights.