Minecraft mod EvilMinecraft features giant chickens and exploding pigs

Joe Russell at

While Notch continues to quietly freak us out with his upcoming Endermen mob, some people in the Minecraft community have come up with some less subtle creations. The EvilMinecraft team have just released their first public version of the mod, available for download here, which features a whole host of new mobs and features intended to create a more dangerous, varied world than can be found in the basic Minecraft experience.

This initial release brings us chickens that when punched can transform into giant fire-breathing beasts, trick chests that attack the player should they try to open them, and 'creepigs': insidious monster pigs that explode like creepers. As well as new mobs, the dungeons and terrain have also received some attention, with the mod creating enormous underground temple ruins for intrepid players to explore.

Meet the Endermen, Minecraft's terrifying, teleporting new enemies

Tom Senior at

A new post on Notch's blog introduces the Endermen, the shadowy, long-limbed creatures shown in the recent screenshot Notch released. They are terrifying.

The ghoulish creatures are three metres tall, and spend their time slowly moving blocks around the landscape. They will continue to do this until you rest your cursor on one. At that point the creature you're looking at will freeze, swivel to face you and wait for you to look away. When, inevitably, you do, it will charge, teleporting across the landscape once a second to attack you.