Elite: Dangerous screenshots - the Sidewinder sweeps tonight

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Elite: Dangerous may not have the stellar crowdfunding cashflow enjoyed by rival sandbox space sim Star Citizen, but the £1,802,698 raised for David Braben's series revival is enough to keep him earnestly talking to camera about the team's progress. Now, Frontier are giving us a further hint as to what the game will look like, with a selection of screenshots of their Sidewinder ship.

First Elite Dangerous footage takes cover behind lead designer

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The new Elite game that's currently looking for funding on Kickstarter has made a shy first appearance behind the back of creator David Braben's head. Hello there, Elite! Come on out, we won't hurt you. Look I have half a cup of cold Friday afternoon coffee if you want to - oh nevermind.

Nope, it's a no go. Still, we get to hear David Braben chatting about how procedural generation will let the team quickly create varied planetoids and gas giants. The most impressive moment arrives 4:44 in when the background transforms to show some nice procedural cloud generation tech that will be used to make gas giants ultra-pretty, though watching it feels as though I've died and gone to a special game development heaven where famous devs lecture souls on number strings until the end of time.

Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter updated with video and concept art

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When Elite: Dangerous appeared on Kickstarter the other day, it was like being given a box of delicious chocolates, only to find that someone had forgotten to put any fillings inside. Where there should have been praline (a video pitch) there was only a hollow void; where there should have been caramel or toffee (gameplay footage or images) there was only that icky strawberry filling that everybody hates. Well, we have two bits of good news for you: we're ending this torturous analogy right now, and Frontier Developments have updated their Kickstarter page.

Reinstall: Frontier: First Encounters

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Frontier: First Encounters is the oft-forgotten sequel to Frontier: Elite II, which is itself the slightly less forgotten sequel to one of the few PC games that can be called seminal without even having to stop and consider if that’s the correct use of the word.

Elite hyperjumps to Kickstarter, decloaks as Elite: Dangerous

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The cycle is complete: A brand new Elite game has just materialised on Kickstarter, with David 'Don't mention The Outsider' Braben behind the wheel/at the bridge/making the damn game with his company Frontier Developments. He's asking for £1.25 million (around $2 million) to make Elite: Dangerous, the fourth in the series, happen, and- hang on, you've already backed it, haven't you? Well fine. As for the rest of you, prepare to somewhat cumbersomely dock after the break for more information.

Notch wants to make a Firefly-inspired sandbox space game like Elite "except done right"

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After stepping back as lead designer of Minecraft earlier this year, Notch has been considering what to do next. Right now he's working on a little roguelike called MiniTale, but he has bigger plans for the summer. While he's still deciding exactly what he wants to work on, he told us that he'd quite like to do a sandbox space trading game like Elite, "except done right."

Notch is aiming for something with a bit more character than the classic trading sim. Instead of being the spaceship, you'd be a character inside the spaceship. "I want the space game that's more like Firefly," he said. "I want to run around on my ship and have to put out a fire. Like, oh crap, the cooling system failed, I have to put out the fire here."