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Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes trailer teases boxed release on Friday

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On August 16 - this Friday - Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes will emerge from the magic interpipes of the World Wide Web and sit on store shelves in a fancy-pants box. In celebration, Stardock have put out a new video showing off Fallen Enchantress' fantasy-flavoured turn based battles, empire-building, dragons and giant evil glowing Python fiends. I hate those guys.

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes is a standalone expansion for Elemental: Fallen Enchantress, itself a re-worked and polished version of Elemental: War of Magic, which came out back in 2010. It adds two extra factions, reworks the way you hire heroes (formerly they'd loiter on the map like super-powerful hobos), adds more magic, more maps, more monsters. Anything beginning with "M" has received attention. They've even put in a new mevelling mystem!

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes releasing May 22nd

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You get the impression that Stardock are trying to bury the memory of much maligned 4X strategy Elemental: War of Magic - possibly while whistling a nonchalant tune, hoping we'll not notice the fresh patch of disturbed earth and the shovel in their hand. First there was Elemental: Fallen Enchantress - the standalone expansion that went a long way to fixing the ill will caused by its predecessor. Now we have the second expandalone, Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes, conveniently dropping that troubled prefix altogether for its May 22nd release.

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes announced

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Stardock have announced *deep breath* Elemental: Fallen Enchantress - Legendary Heroes, a standalone expansion to their standalone expansion. But while Fallen Enchantress was Stardock's mea culpa for the problems surrounding Elemental: War of Magic, Legendary Heroes promises to expand upon FE's solid foundation. It promises new maps, monsters and an enhanced levelling system.

Fallen Enchantress review

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This might be the first game I’ve ever been given as penance. It’s a standalone expansion for the turn-based strategy game Elemental: War of Magic, which was released in such a shocking state of disrepair that Stardock decided to make this expansion free to everyone who bought the main game at launch. It’s an extreme gesture, but the right one. Elemental: War of Magic was patched drastically and often, but the constant state of flux made it hard to get into. Fundamental game mechanics were being changed, and savegames were usually incompatible between versions.

Those of us who loved its potential were willing to wait for Stardock to take a proper second stab at the idea: a turn-based fantasy strategy game about building an empire while your hero fights monsters and levels up. But yeah, we would have balked at having to pay for it.

Stardock admits Elemental "wasn't adequate enough," offers owners free Fallen Enchantress

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If you consult your nearest time-sundering crystal ball, you'll recall Stardock releasing the infamously panned Elemental: War of Magic, a turn-based fantasy strategy yarn, in 2010. Atrocious bugs, befuddling AI, and half-finished mechanics even caused us to issue a warning to wait for patch fixes before reaching for your wallet. The release of Fallen Enchantress earlier this week represented Stardock's tabula-rasa restart of Elemental, and in a letter sent to his customers, CEO Brad Wardell offered a free copy for War of Magic owners, writing, "We failed to deliver the game we said we were going to deliver."

Elemental dev: "Metacritic score of 56 means it gives you cancer"

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Brad Wardell, president of Stardock, has revealed at GDC how Metracritic has a profound impact on developers. Talking about the companies less-than-well-recieved title Elemental: War of Magic, he stated that the game achieved a “Metacritic score of 56. 56 means it gives you cancer."

Elemental didn't quite get the reception Wardell had hoped, with mediocre reviews and a poor response from players. "I had people telling me I should die of cancer," revealed Wardell.

Elemental devs giving away sequel to "show fans we've learned from our mistakes"

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Speaking at GDC today, President of Stardock, Brad Wardell, has announced that the company are giving away their sequel to Elemental, Elemental: Fallen Enchantress as compensation for the original game's disastrous launch. The sequel will be free to anyone who bought Elemental before October 31, 2010.

Elemental: Fallen Enchantress trailer shows off updated combat

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Stardock have released a preview trailer for the upcoming Elemental expansion, Fallen Enchantress. The video takes us through some of the combat changes that the expansion will make, and introduces us to some of the new wandering monsters, including Morian the Ruin of Summer. I thought rainclouds were the ruin of summer, but I was wrong. It's actually a twenty foot tall half swamp, half bear monster.

Fallen Enchantress is due out before summer, and will be free to anyone who bought Elemental before October 31 2010.

First Elemental expansion, Fallen Enchantress detailed

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Elemental's first expansion has been announced. It's called Fallen Enchantress, and is set to add new weapons, spells, magical equipment, creatures and lands to the game. The expansion is due to arrive in the next few months, and will be free to those who bought Elemental in 2010.

Elemental predicted to make a loss, Stardock CEO says it's worthwhile to restore trust

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Stardock's CEO Brad Wardell has said that Stardock expect Elemental: War of Magic to make a loss for the company in the long term, but that it's worth pushing ahead with development and expansions to restore PC gamers' faith.

Stardock hires Civilization V lead designer and respected sci-fi author to work on Elemental

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Stardock today announced that they have hired Jon Shafer, the Lead Designer on Civilization V, and that he will be working on saving the troubled Elemental: War of Magic before starting up his own project within the company. Stardock have also hired fantasy and science fiction author Dave Stern to work on storytelling across all of Stardock's games.

Patched -- an honest second look at Elemental: War of Magic

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Last week I played Elemental: War of Magic for the first time in months. And I saw something I had never seen before--a defeat screen.

I've spent a few days vetting the phonebook-length list of changes made in last week's 1.1 patch to the game, an experience I've converted into words about what's improved, what still needs work, and most importantly, if Elemental is worth your time yet.

PC Gamer US Podcast - 252 Three Monitors Ahead

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This week brings a wealth of RPGs! We all knew Mass Effect 3 and The Elder Scrolls V were coming someday, but now that they're officially announced we can officially begin the speculation.

Also,  strategist/columnist/podcaster/PhD Troy Goodfellow joins us to give his detailed report on the updates for Civilization V and Elemental, in addition to Call of Duty: Black Ops and Fallout: New Vegas bug fixes.

And in the spirit of getting things done before the year is over, give us a call toll free: 877-404-1337 ext 724 and leave us a question for the next show!

PC Gamer US Podcast - 252 Three Monitors Ahead

Gargantuan Elemental patch released: 350 changes that overhaul the game

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Stardock's turn-based fantasy strategy game Elemental, released in August, has finally received the enormous patch we've been waiting for. The game launched with some serious technical and AI issues, and creator Brad Wardell called it "catastrophic poor judgment on my part". Since, Stardock have been updating the game regularly with fixes and balance changes, but it's all been leading up to a massive overhaul of the game's fundamental systems and AI: patch 1.1.

The change list is over 7,000 words long, includes 350 separate changes, and alters things as basic as what character attributes like 'Strength' actually do. If it does what it sets out to, this will be a new game - consider it Elemental's second stab at a launch. We'll be having a thorough play of it and letting you know what we think soon. Elemental players should see the patch in their Impulse games list, check for updates if not.

Free Elemental: War of Magic expansions for early adopters

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Elemental: War of Magic was released earlier this year and was troubled by shocking bugs and AI issues. Stardock have since been working hard to bring the game up to scratch, and are preparing for the release of patch 1.1 for the game. To reward early buyers, they're offering the first two expansions for free to anyone who buys the game before October 31st.

PC Gamer US Podcast 238 - Dynamic Duo

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PAX is just around the corner and most of the PC Gamer crew is mid-flight to the convention center. There they'll be meeting readers, hosting a panel on PC gaming, and of course playing the best games and reporting on the latest news in the industry. Our ground team, Andy Bauman and Josh Augustine, talk about what they expect to see at PAX, the latest news--including Elemental's review and ATI disappearing off the face of the earth forever--and answer some reader questions. Enjoy and be sure to tune in for PAX coverage over the weekend!

Download it here!

Elemental launch was "catastrophic poor judgment"

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Speaking on the official Stardock forums, Brad Wardell, the CEO of Stardock has revealed that the problems associated with Elemental's disastrous launch were nothing to do with the game being pushed out the door early. In fact, Wardell says that releasing a game early is "an easy thing for a company to 'fix'... If the game had come out in February, it would still have been a disastrous launch because lack of time wasn't the issue." Wardell says he had his "head in the sand."

The full post, below, makes for extraordinary reading.

Elemental: War of Magic review

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I need 1,300 gold immediately. The latest bit of military research I’ve unlocked lets me make teams of things, and one of the things I can make teams of is my killer hell dogs from hell. This gives the resulting unit six times their enormous health, six times their enormous damage, and for reasons that aren’t really clear to me, six times their enormous armour rating. So even though it’s just six hell dogs from hell standing next to each other, they take 36 times as long to kill. 1,300 is a lot of gold – or Gildar as it’s pointlessly renamed in Elemental – but for 36 hell dogs from hell, it’s a steal.

Elemental multiplayer delayed to next week

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As I mentioned last week, Elemental: War of Magic is now stable. But the advertised multiplayer, which is listed as a feature on the game's box, still isn't working. At launch, Stardock said it would be 'switched on' this week. Now, staffer Neil Banfield says on their forums that it's been delayed again, to next week. He says their priority is to resolve performance problems and other issues with the game at large first, and they've posted a 5,000 word list of bugs, problems and improvements they plan to work on. Multiplayer is not mentioned.

Elemental now works, old savegames now don't

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Elemental: War of Magic was updated to version 1.06 this morning (UK time), and I'm happy to say the game is finally stable. I haven't encountered any crashes to desktop since the patch Tuesday night, and the last major issue with the game on our systems is finally fixed. But finish your current game before patching. Unlike the other patches thus far, this one invalidates your existing savegames, including all your progress through the campaign.