Electronic old men

GDC 2013: Activision demo their next-gen face tech

Phil Savage at

There's been much speculation about what the next generation of video games will bring, but already a pattern is emerging: old men. It seems the technological arms race of future game engines is being waged over the wrinkled battlefields of translucent, withered skin. David Cage came out strong with his old man, all thin lips and flowing white hair. Nvidia's old man wasn't that old at all. They are clearly falling behind the times.

But wait, who's this emerging from a hitherto unnoticed patch of liver spots? It's Activision's R&D department, who demoed their old man at GDC. And some younger men and women, just for old times' sake.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer gets paranoid

Tom Senior at

The latest Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer has appeared on IGN, and it really piles on the paranoia. There seems to be a sinister cabal operating above Sarif industries and FEMA, made up of "Men" who can "control global interests at a whim." But are they immune to being punched to death by a man with bionic arms? We'll only know for sure when Deus Ex: Human Revolution is released on August 23 in the US, and on the 26 in Europe.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution coming in August

Tom Senior at

EB Games Australia have let slip an Aussie release date for Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Twitter. August 25 is the day. US and European release dates will likely be very close to that one, so set your watches, there's only five long, long months to go.

Human Revolution game director Jean-François Dugas has tweeted to promise an official release date announcement later this week. Until then you can swivel your augmented eyes towards the three new screenshots below.