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Mass Effect 3 collector's edition detailed

Tom Hatfield at

Eurogamer have spotted a listing at Gamestop for Mass Effect 3's collector's edition, which comes with all sorts of goodies including an art book, a soundtrack and a comic. There's also a neat little trailer to show them off. The art book in particular looks utterly gorgeous, and I'm a sucker for a metal case, especially one with the new female Shepard design on it.

Most intriguing is the promise of a bonus character and mission, presumably similar to Zaeed in Mass Effect 2, details for that one are being kept under wraps however. Check inside for the full list of bonus material.

Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand details emerge

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Back to Karkand, the first Battlefield 3 DLC pack, will be released next month, and will bring several classic Battlefield 2 maps to Battlefield 3's Frostbite 2.0 engine. Along with new weapons and vehicles, it'll also see the return of Conquest Assault mode, an asymmetric version of Conquest where one team defends the capture points and another tries to take them.

BF3 blog have rounded up the full list of details about what the pack includes, and you can find them beneath the cut.