East vs West: A Hearts of Iron Game

East vs West has been cancelled, Paradox announce

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Paradox's Cold War strategy has become that much colder. The studio are tearing down East vs West: A Hearts of Iron Game. In a joint statement on their forum, Paradox and developer BL Logic reveal that the project had "been severely delayed", to the point that not even an early access release would meet their desired timeline. As a result, the game has been officially cancelled.

East vs. West competition gives you the chance to become a Cold War character

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Paradox are giving you the chance to become a character in their upcoming strategy, East vs. West: A Hearts of Iron Game. Which may sound cool, but just think about what this means - anyone could end up playing your virtual avatar in a game based around the increasingly tense diplomacy and proxy battles of the Cold War. Who knows what alternate history travesties they could cause in your name?

East vs West presents the Cold War on a global, grand strategy scale

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East vs West, the upcoming entry in Paradox's Hearts of Iron series, sets you on the brink of global thermonuclear war in an era when a small tip in the balance of power could have ended civilization as we know it. No pressure. Spanning the tension-laced years between 1946 and 1991, the game will allow you to play as any nation on earth as you manage military, economy, political clout, and espionage to gain influence in the nuclear age. Check out the video inside for a quick briefing, then read on to hear my impressions.