EA Play4Free

EA's Play4Free becomes Origin Free to Play

Phil Savage at

In what's sure to go down as a victory in the campaign to eradicate pointless numbers from the names of things, Play4Free - EA's unnecessarily styled moniker for what everyone else calls free to play - is being renamed. Games like Battlefield Heroes, Need for Speed World, Battlefield Play4Free and *shudder* Command & Conquer: Tibererium Alliances all now live under the label "Origin Free to Play".

Bioware announce free to play Ultima Forever, beta sign-ups live

Tom Senior at

Ultima Forever is a new free to play, cross platform action RPG from Bioware based, at least tangentially, on the classic Ultima RPG seies. You'll be able to take control of the fighter or the mage and charge off on a quest to save the land of Brittania for Lady British. You can sign up for the beta now using your EA Origin account on the beta signup page. There aren't any screenshots about so all we have to go on at the moment is a bit of concept art, which doesn't exactly capture the spirit of Ultima. Scantily clad women in antlers, anyone?