E3 2012

Dawnguard will give you a new dragon shout, a magical mount and "your own armoured troll"

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Todd Howard's been chatting to G4TV about many of the new features we can look forward to in Skyrim's upcoming expansion, Dawnguard. It'll give you the choice to become a vampire lord and side with vampire leader Harkan, or join the fight against unambiguous evil by siding with the Dawnguard. Howard dropped details on the perks and abilities we'll get to use on both sides, and talked a bit about some other extra stuff we can look forward to, including a magical mount that can be summoned from the plane of the dead, and your very own armoured troll.

Hitman: Absolution E3 screenshots show a world where nothing is quite circular

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The new screens show Agent 47 looking conspicuously inconspicuous in a variety of urban settings. He loves wearing incongruous clothes while he's slyly killing people. Some of the screenshots look a little washed out, whereas others look like they've been Photoshopped into oblivion. Somewhere between the two there's a semblance of how the game's going to look.

We like the one where Agent 47 is stood watching the sun set, hands poised and ready to strangle someone. You can't strangle the sun, 47! Not like you strangled those nuns! It's pretty! Sit down!

See below for the rest of the shots, and check out Owen's preview and interview with the developers for more on how the game is shaping up.

Sleeping Dogs E3 screenshots show racing, cleavers, man surprised by giant blurry gun

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Sleeping Dogs is the martial-arts-and-gunplay open-world action game that previously went by the name True Crime: Hong Kong. I went to see it recently: it's shaping up quite nicely. The melee combat takes after the Arkham Asylum games, albeit with far more enthusiasm for jamming people's faces into pointy things (and vice versa.) The driving also benefits from the devs' past experience on the Need for Speed series. Check out our most recent preview for more information.

The new screenshots cast some light on the range of activities that undercover cop Wei Shen will be engaging in while taking down the Hong Kong Triad. As any undercover police officer knows, crimes get solved faster the more cars you set on fire from the back of your awesome motorbike.

Black Ops 2 E3 screenshots are bustin' and dronin'

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We saw a little Black Ops 2 action in a trailer yesterday, and now there are some ludicrously large screenshots for us to resize so they'll fit on our server. Two out of the three screenshots include flying drones, and the third includes a terrestrial robodrone. Activision are obviously really keen for us to know that Black Ops 2 has drones in it. It's almost as if they're the game's single defining feature.

Star Wars 1313 E3 screenshots and video reveal gritty face-zapping

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These Star Wars 1313 screenshots and the above in-game footage will be familiar to anyone who saw the preview video we posted yesterday. It's basically the same demo of the game, but in hi-res and without people talking over the top. If you miss the people talking over the top you can just talk to yourself while you're watching it. The screenshots below are grabbed from the same sequence, and apparently the whole shebang is from the PC build of the game.

It looks good in a kind of Mass Effect way. But I still can't quite get my head round the fact that the entirety of the game seems to be set in a big pipe.

Shootmania Storm E3 trailer gets down to some rockdubstep

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We all know how hard it is to imagine things in motion based on static images. Take yesterday's Shootmania Storm screenshots, for example. They show lasers flying about the level, but there's no time scale attached to them. How are we to know that the lasers don't take upwards of five hours to move?

Fortunately, Ubisoft and Nadeo have posted a trailer that shows movement. And shooting. And occasional bouts of mania. No storms though, disappointingly.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter multiplayer E3 trailer unites the world with rhythmic violence

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Warfighter's story is an interesting one: it began as a completely different game pitched by a couple of ex-soldiers, before Danger Close crowbarred it into the Medal of Honor franchise. Details on the multiplayer portion of the game were scant when we previewed it, but a new trailer shows the online battles in all their destructive glory.

There are, apparently, eight countries to choose from, and the trailer includes a whole bunch of gizmos such as remote robots and aerial drones. There's even a special grenade that flicks out cables but then fails to show what said cables do. Maybe it's so the warfighters can dry their laundry.

It's all set to a Linkin Park song, and the way the destruction is in time with the beat is actually quite exhilarating. Sort of. Screenshots below.

Spec Ops: The Line E3 trailer features a man making the same face in a variety of situations

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Spec Ops: The Line apparently tells the story of a man with a unique capacity to be facing nonchalantly in the wrong direction when things break, explode, or catch fire. I'm not sure that the presence of blank-stare-man does the game very many favours: a human actor maintaining their composure in the face of disaster is a statement. When we're talking about a game character, it looks a bit like your animation system has broken.

Which is a shame, because the game itself is looking very pretty - as the bounty of new screenshots below attest. Sand-wrecked Dubai is the setting for a third-person modern military shooter that's more about the horror of war than fist-pumping bombast. Chris Antista was very impressed when he saw it back in February - check out his preview for hands-on impressions.

Screenshots of both singleplayer and co-op modes are below.

Borderlands 2 E3 screenshots are auroring success

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That's meant to be a joke about the aurora borealis by the way. I'm attempting to invoke the phrase "a roaring success", and, if you look at one of the Borderlands 2 screenshots, there's an aurora lurking in the sky. When you spend the first paragraph of a news story trying to explain a pun in the headline you know that the joke probably isn't funny, and that maybe it's time to consider a new career.

ANYWAY, these fresh new screenshots from E3 show everything we loved about the first Borderlands, but done ever so slightly better. The cel-shaded colourful visuals are still a world away from the brown brownness of other shooters, and the monsters and contraptions will ensure don't get "bord". Which is a play on the game's title, by the way. Check them out below.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition in-game footage inevitably shows death

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Hugely-loved action RPG Dark Souls is coming to the PC. Woohoo! It might have Games for Windows Live. Boo! It definitely has a little gameplay footage and new screenshots. Woohoo! The gameplay footage and screenshots are also cursed.

The footage is in that traditional shaky-cam-with-silhouettes-moving-in-front-of-the-camera format so beloved of E3. It shows a new monster, a blue liony type thing with multiple accoutrements - wings, horns and a scorpion's tail. It looks like the kind of creature you'd make when you first installed Spore and didn't really understand it. Also, the hero dies. Funny that. See below for new screenshots.

John Carmack is making a virtual reality headset, $500 kits available soon, video interview inside

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John Carmack has been building a virtual reality headset in his spare time. He's showing it to people behind closed doors at this year's E3, tucked away inside the Bethesda booth, and described it as "probably the best VR demo the world has ever seen." Our video hero, David Boddington, was the 30th person in the world to use it.

Check below for a 20 minute video with Carmack on virtual reality, why he decided to tackle headsets, the latency of the human mind, and the first footage of one his handmade prototypes.

E3 round-up: day two

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I know your type. You're the type who likes footage of PC games edited into montages. You're the type who likes to know games months before release. You even like looking at high-res screenshots. I do too.

Hey. Take my hand. Walk with me friend. I will lead you through the jump to a magical place where the latest E3 PC info lies. You'll also find a bonus article from Graham on what E3 should be like.

Dishonored screenshots wield pistols, blades and rats

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There's a bit of Bioshock in the abilities of Dishonored protagonist, Corvo. These new E3 screenshots show a few of them, including a telekinetic power that sends enemies sprawling backwards, and another that commands a horde of rats to swarm a foe. You can see these in motion in the recent Dishonored trailer. The screenshots also give us a better look at the exaggerated, caricature style that Arkane are applying to the citizens of Dunwall, but can you guess which one is the mad scientist?

Company of Heroes 2 screenshots show a snowy town, tank columns and pyromania

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As the great philosopher Alfred From Batman once said, "some men just want to watch the world burn," it may not have been entirely clear from that scene, but he was referring to engineers from Company of Heroes, some of the most devastating flame troops in gaming. They start out as humble builders. They set up defences, they repair tanks, they sort out all the odd jobs that your highly trained troops won't do. Then, when you have enough fuel, you give them all flamethrowers and transform them into shock troops.

Then the mildest unit in the game suddenly becomes a deadly force, the bane of any entrenched infantry unit caught unawares. It looks like they'll be making a return in Company of Heroes 2. See the results of their handiwork, and a big ol' tank column in these new screenshots from E3.

Dead Island: Riptide announced

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Dead Island was a surprising hit when it landed last year. It filled a satisfying survival sim shaped hole that DayZ has recently been catering to. There's good news for fans of the first game. VG247 have news that a sequel called Dead Island: Riptide is on the way. For now there's no information a beyond that name, but Riptide does have a watery feel to it. I'm going to resolutely hope for zombie sharks until more information is released this summer. What would you like to see from the sequel?

Miner Wars 2081 is a space combat sim with destructible terrain, will have MMO version

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The developers of Miner Wars 2081 describe it as a "first-person action-survival space simulation game set in the year 2081," but there's a lot more going on than that. For starters, the developers are working on two versions of the game, both set to release later this year: a small-scale multiplayer version and an MMO.

Oh, and its custom-built game engine makes everything in the entire persistent game world completely destructible. Take a look at the E3 trailer for the game with high aspirations and some awesome destruction tech below.

Planetside 2 Empires at War trailer reminds you there's a choice to be made

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Vengeful and loyal, mysterious and slightly posh, or just angry? One day soon, your clan is going to have to pick a Planetside 2 faction. And you're probably going to argue about which one. Get a heads-up on your three options with Sony's latest trailer, direct from E3.

The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard screenshots show Vampire Lords, crossbows, castles

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A bunch of new Dawnguard screenshots have appeared over on Kotaku, giving us a good look at some of the new foes we can expect to face in Skyrim's first expansion, and some of the new weapons of war we'll use to dispatch them. Without further ado, let's take a look at each one, and see what we can learn.

Watch Star Wars 1313 running on a “high-end PC with Nvidia hardware”

Owen Hill at

We first heard about Star Wars 1313 last week; it’s a third-person shooter that sets you up as a no-nonsense bounty hunter working within the inner depths of Coruscant.

Platforms and release dates are yet to be confirmed but, as verified by creative director Dominic Robilliard in a Spike TV segment from E3, it's currently running on a high-end PC with Nvidia hardware. Click through for the first footage of 1313 in action.

First look at Elder Scrolls Online's three factions in new trailer

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We've known a little bit about the three player factions in Elder Scrolls Online, but the new trailer released today shows them for the first time. We've got the video inside, along with a brief recap of what we know about them so far.