GOG celebrate their fifth birthday with a build a bundle deal

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Digital distribution store GOG is celebrating its fifth birthday, which is an impressive milestone for a service that sounds like it was named by somebody celebrating their first birthday. Rather than look to you expectantly, its owners have arranged their own party: a five week extravaganza of "promos, gifts, contests, and specials with a Grand Finale in the middle of October." The first is the Pick 5 Promo, letting your create a five-game bundle from the newer end of their catalogue.

DYAD review

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There aren’t many games that can be described as beautiful, but Dyad is one of them. Spinning together a mesmerising blend of music and image with tight and ever-shifting game rules, it’s one of the most beguiling and uplifting games I’ve experienced. And that’s speaking as a Rez obsessive.

To describe it risks stripping some of the magic away, so bear with me. A way to start understanding Dyad would be to think of Tempest, in the sense that you’re a ship that runs around the inner wall of a tube, and you kind of shoot enemies as you speed towards them.

Trippy puzzle shoot-'em-up Dyad can be 'ad on PC next week

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We already knew that Dyad was coming to PC, but we didn't know exactly when. Now, thanks to a very beardy announcement video by its creator Shawn McGrath, we do. The inventive shmup/puzzle/miscellaneous thing-a-majig is coming to Steam and GOG this Wednesday, otherwise known as April 24th. I have no idea how to describe it, so I'm going to plagiarise our Phil Savage and call it "a game in which you hook and lance your multi-coloured enemies to build speed and complete a variety of objectives." To me, it looks like a Windows Media Player visualiser - but a very pretty one indeed.

Steam database update: Dyad confirmed for PC; no plans for Halo 3 release

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Our interest was piqued when a giant list of games surfaced on the Steam Apps Database yesterday. Still, we warned caution - Steam's registry is notoriously unreliable and full of scraps of codenamed test projects and old deals that never worked out. And that scepticism was heightened this time, thanks to the database updating in response to newly created Game Hubs, including for Halo 3. It all seemed too strange to be true. And it was. Partly.

In a statement to Eurogamer, a spokesperson for Microsoft said, "We currently do not have plans to release any 'Halo' titles on Steam." So that's that mystery solved. But not everything in the list was fiction. Last night, RPS spotted that Shawn McGrath, creator of the Playstation Network's musical arcade tunnel racer Dyad, had confirmed that the game would be arriving on PC in March.

Halo 3, Fez and Quantum Conundrum 2 appear in Steam registry

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The Steam registry is like a Pokedex for PC games, and with its latest update, Valve do seem to be trying to catch 'em all. One of NeoGAF's data miners has gone into the distribution service's database and found listings for a huge bunch of potentially upcoming games - everything from the unannounced (Quantum Conundrum 2), to the soon to be ported (Fez) and the long thought lost (Halo 3). In fact, there are enough odd entries to cast doubt on their validity. More on that below.