Dungeon Siege

Supreme Commander developers tease "Project W" with 25 day countdown timer

Tom Senior at

Gas Powered Games are getting ready to talk about "something wild." This big countdown clock is ticking down to a proper reveal on January 14.

The Total Annihilation, Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander developers have been working on Age of Empires Online for the last few years. That interrupted work on their large-scale fantasy RTS, Kings and Castles. This doesn't look like that. The rocky background strikes a more naturalistic tone, and you can just about see the phases of the moon in the countdown orbs.

Project W. Phases of the moon. Werewolves? Hmmm, what do you think?

Dungeon Siege III review

Josh Augustine at

Lighting skeletons on fire in Dungeon Siege III brings back fond memories of that summer back in 2002 I spent playing Dungeon Siege with a buddy in co-op. Like its forbearers, this action-RPG is about having a good time with friends—just pick weapons and smash enemies until the loot stops flowing. DS3’s quite different, though—there are many changes, most of which I’ve grown to appreciate.

At first, I balked at being forced to play as one of four inflexible dungeon-delvers, but each well-designed character’s unique nine-ability arsenal is appealing. Each has a specific combat style—swords and shield, fire magic, arcane magic, or guns—but they all fill the same role: a self-healing damage-dealer that swaps between two stances, one best suited for fighting a single target and one for taking down groups.